Friday, January 16, 2009

Up before 4 am?? what was I thinking?

Here I am..up before 4 am.. well its 5:02 am now. Decided to start a blog, after having lots of stupid stuff happen to me in town, and thinking "I need to tell someone about this".. and hubby does not want to hear me rant and rave about the idiots driving around town or what happened at the grocery store.

Looks right now like we might not be going to the next season of the symphony next year - except one concert in April - they will be playing Shostakovich symphony #5, which I love, but my husband HATES. He calls it the "screeching monkeys" symphony. Lout! For the past five years, we have had season tickets to the Houston Symphony, row C, seats 9 and 10. Had a grand time, going out to eat before and then to the symphony and then to the concert, or else stopping at Taco Cabana on Bellaire on the way home afterwards. Especially when they have the shrimp tacos. So *that* is up in the air.

Winter is here in south Texas, and we have a cold front in right now, from the north. The midwest is in the negative digits, and we are in the 40s and 50s this week. I was hoping to have 70s for this weekend, for the Houston Shell Marathon, but that looks like it will be only in the 50s. Husband will be running the half marathon for that on Sunday, only 13.1 miles, his fourth half marathon. More later today if something happens, but I doubt much of anything happening today.

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