Friday, January 30, 2009


Mercury found in high fructose corn syrup? yep! and here you thought it was 'safe' according to their commercials. Never mind the fact that it doesn't give you a feeling of fullness and you will keep sucking down the sodas that have it instead of sugar or some other sweetener - something to do with the insulin. USAToday has an article about mercury being found in HFCS - HERE so if you are interested in that, go read. Here is a page that lists some foods that do not contain HFCS > and probably has some good ideas for NOT using it. I use Splenda when I bake, or stevia. When I make tea, I use a bag of licorice tea. Works great, just don't leave it in too long, or it will be very sweet.

On another note in foods, our grocery store started carrying Bacon Salt! Comes in a little jar, its salt..that tastes like BACON.. without the fat, and calories. I am going to buy a bottle of this, and try it.. not sure one what one would USE it? Eggs? Popcorn? Maybe with a porkchop. Jazz that puppy up! Normally I use Tony Chachere's on popcorn, or during the fall when I buy a pumpkin or two, and make roasted pumpkin seeds.

This coming March is our church's Preacher's Fellowship, and I volunteered to cook more so that the church would not have to purchase more food from local restaurants. Now to figure out *what* to cook. Figure 75 people, I am going to need more pans! Those disposable foil pans are going to come in handy during this time, I can tell. I am actually looking forward to this, because since the church did not start up a school year this time, I have not had much of anything to do, no class to teach.. so this really gives me something to do that I can enjoy.

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