Saturday, January 17, 2009

Google causes climate change! woohoo!

Go figure.. using Google causes c02 to be released. From a news article here. But Google gives you the best results. I'm not about to stop using Google any time soon because "it causes global warming" or "global cooling" or anything. The earth naturally goes through warming and cooling cycles. Ever leave a glass full of ice and water on a counter to sit and melt? Does it overflow when all the ice melts? No. So those doomsayers that say "sea levels will rise several feet!" are full of it. I remember in an old Scientific American magazine we have kicking around somewhere, we saved it because it had the first 'in the womb' pictures available, it had on its cover "the coming ice age". Global cooling was the rage, and there was doom and gloom portrayed as 'mankind's usage of power was causing global cooling and bringing in an ice age' and we had to use less power, etc. Now it's global warming. Wish they'd make up their silly heads.

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