Tuesday, February 2, 2010

WHAT is he thinking?

What on earth is Obummer thinking, with a 2011 budget of 3.83 TRILLION in spending! When you're in the red as much as we are, you don't go raising your budgets, you SLASH them, despite all squawks to the contrary. Bush's spending was in the billions.. this guys' is in the trillions. I honestly think that those in office right now don't give a damn about spending money they don't have, or can't tax out of us. No middle-class tax hikes? You can take all the money from the "Rich" and it still won't suffice for what he wants to spend, with the deficit. Take money from "the evil oil companies" and it still won't pay for it all. It's gotten far past the point of ridiculousness, and is into the "what the hell are you (not) thinking" part. Remember how he said "those making over 250k are 'the rich'. Now it's down to those making 85k are rich, their taxes will be going up also. The target just keeps moving lower and lower.

I like to spend money.. but even *I* know that when you're out of money, you don't keep spending. or increase your budget.


  1. Diane:
    Imagine if "we" tried that in our household budgets....
    Wonder how "well off" we'd be THEN, hmm?

    Excellent post.

  2. I know. Listening to the drivel right now on television.