Thursday, February 18, 2010

Man eats dog

No.. wait.. it was dog eats man.. LIBERTY, Ohio (AP) — Authorities in Ohio say they found a dismembered body inside a house with three dogs, which had been eating the remains.

A dog warden says body parts were "all over the place.". Full story here.

I have several things running through my head today, after watching television yesterday. Its about the US debt - China used to be our largest foreign holder of bonds and Tbills, now it's Japan. They own about 10 billion more than China does. But you know what is not ever being said, or noised about, is that the FED is the largest owner of debt - having money in one pocket, and not in another, and saying "oh we'll pay for that money out of this money", take it out of the pocket and put it in the other and saying "well thats' paid for" . When it's not. Its a slick version of the shell game.. where is the actual money at? Except in this case, there is nothing under one of the shells, they're all empty. And the American taxpayer is left holding the bag.

The world's largest Ponzi scheme (at that time) is taking in less than it pays out now. It was originally scheduled to do that in 2019 or thereabouts. Guess what. It showed up earlier. I'm talking about Social Security. In 1945 there were 42 workers for each beneficiary. Now its down to 2 workers. Guess what? It has to be stopped. We're already on the hook for 14 trillion to future workers.

Guess what? Another (even larger now) Ponzi scheme was created by the government - Medicare. In 1965, when it was started, the original outlook for medicare by 1990 was $12 billion (figuring in inflation). However actual costs for medicare in 1990 was $107 billion. Now the spending for Medicare/Medicaid is up to $758,757,183,944.00 and climbing by the second.

Between the Medicare/Medicaid, Prescription drug, and Social Security, UNFUNDED liabilities, is up to over $107,000,000,000,000.00

Lovely. And our government cannot stop spending. This has got to stop! People that get checks from the government for Social Security, usually take out what they put in in around 4 years. Social Security INSURANCE was never intended to be the only amount of money people get when they are old. Too many never saved, and now they rely on that, and they're taking out way more than they put in. And heaven forbid if you suggest that it be phased out, and gotten rid of, or privatized. "It's my right, I paid in all those years" never mind the fact that the money you paid in then was spent that same year, and most people are beyond that 3 or 4 year point where you've already taken back the money you put in. It's not a right.


  1. Diane:
    If were up to ME...right here, TODAY, I'd much rather have ALL that money I paid into SSI in my hands...JUST so I could PROPERLY invest it elsewhere and make SURE retirement funds WOULD be there when I really need them.
    This is becoming a crapshoot for an entire generation...and for what?

    ANd it'a amazing how all those ZEROS, which don't mean a thing by themselves add up a hellin' when 'ya stick a number in front of hem, isn't it?

    Very good post.

  2. It would be better if they would do that, and pay the lump sum so the people could invest, and make a better return on their money. I'm not even expecting Social Security to be there when I am 65, neither is hubby. That is why we are saving, investing, 401k, IRA, etc. The government a while ago finally made it so that housewives could put in more than $250 a year into their IRA. Talk about a stupid rule that had been in place before! Like housewives do not work! Humph!

    That sure is alot of zeros, and alot of numbers. 5 sets of 3 when you type it all out, really makes you stop and go WHAT THE HECK!!!