Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Superbowl or Puppybowl?

Which one was better this year? We watched the Superbowl up until the part of the 2nd half when whatshisface for the Saints made that long run down the field and made the score 30 to 17, and then we went to sleep. I watched the Puppy Bowl, and had a better time, although I think this year's Kitty Half-time Show was not as good as last years, although the kittens were cute, especially that orange kitten, and the long-haired kitten. As always the kittens were confused when the confetti started falling from the sky. The hamsters were cute, as were the bunnies. And then there's the tail-gate party in the parking lot.

Obama went to this year's Prayer Breakfast, after being in church only 4 times so far this year (so much for his great faith), and I thought "why bother?" If you're not going to back up your words with deeds, your words are mere hot air. No wonder he says he didn't hear Jeremiah Wright give sermons like what was aired before the election - he probably didn't go, preferring instead to sleep in on Sunday mornings.

Funny how Sarah Palin is lambasted for having a few notes in ink on her hand (which makes her much more a normal person than most politicians), over 2,000 items on Google with her crib notes, vs. Obama's saying 'corpsman' pronouncing the "P". Is this guy an idiot? he said it three times. He would probably pronounce "forecastle" how it's spelled, instead of how it's actually pronounced. I worked deck division, and everyone else knew how it was pronounced, and no one said 'fore-castle". But then again, if you have a familiarity with military, you generally know how things are pronounced.

Another 2 churches in east Texas were torched Monday night, a Baptist church and a Missionary Baptist church, about 3 miles apart. That makes a total of 10 churches that have been set on fire by the arsonist, and there are no clues as to the identity of the person yet. or group. These ones were by Tyler. Some sick people out there, setting buildings on fire.

One thing that gets me cheesed off, is Michelle (needs more boob belt) Obama, with her 'child obesity challenge'. Its the parents responsibility, and they've fallen down on the job. Why is she going to get the government into meddling with this? Because they're Progressives, and they know better than you what is good for you. Prohibition was done by the Progressives, and every other darn meddling in your life is done by the Progressives "for your good" because you're too darn stupid to know what to do without the government telling you exactly what to do. ok rant over. That is their attitude towards people, and I'm fed up with it. The National Socialists also did things like this, "for the people's good", yet the Progressives and those who still call themselves Democrats do the same, yet deny that the National Socialist Party was on the left, oh no, they must be on the right because they're anti-semetic. That didn't start until later on in party politics, the laws against the Jews. First they started off with the "it's for your own good" stuff, and then they went after the Jews. I'd put the Progressives under the same heading as children of collectivism, socialists, communists, fascists. Add into that mix Progressives, which is just socialism mixed with fascism under a different name.

The government should own no part of a private industry - banking, cars, whatever. No part of it should be owned by the government, with a face of it being privately run/owned. THAT is fascistic, and Mussolini did the same thing. The Progressives of the early 20th century looked up at Mussolini as doing something great, and they openly admired him and Hitler in Germany, for what they were doing for their countries. They later backed off their stance, as it went further along. Same with Margaret Sanger, with Planned Parenthood.. they cleaned it up, took away the eugenics (the Germans looked to the US for inspiration in their eugenics program), and her hatred of blacks and the lower clases (the Irish come to mind), and make it a 'good thing'. Blechk!

On another note, Valentine's Day is coming up this Sunday. Don't forget to get your sweetheart something, go out to dinner, and have a special night. Get a babysitter for the kids and go out.


  1. Diane:
    I watched Puppy Bowl VI too...I dunno, I just can't into watching "athletes" that make more money than Bill Gates touching each other's asses when they make a good play...something wrong with that.
    I loved the hamster pilots in the "Twizzler Blimp".
    I do miss Harry Kalas, though, but the new announcer sounds a lot like him.

    Hope they catch that serial arsonist, too.

    As to the Mrs Obama "mandate" on obesity...remember when JFK had the FITNESS progrm for schools?
    Now THAT was done a lot more "tastefully", but I guess the "in your face" approach is meant to 'scare " us...

    ANd it seems you've been watching Glenn Beck, too.
    I love the "history lesons"...fantastic presentations.
    I've learned things I NEVER did in school, and that was when they actually taught a lot more TRUTH in the classrooms...LOL

    We're snowed in here...Valentine's day might be postponed a few days...
    (damn GLOBAL WARMING!)


  2. so you got some of that global warming that was going across the country. We only got a cold front down here. The puppy bowl always outdoes the super bowl here. As far as Michelle Obummer goes, her big government ideas can hit the round file. As if we don't have enough government over us, they want to add more layers of it.