Monday, February 15, 2010

Help from above

A marine survived a shot to the front of his helmet in Afghanistan - it just bounced off!

Lance Cpl. Koenig's brush with death came during a day of intense fighting for the Marines of Company B, 1st Battalion, 6th Regiment.

The company had landed by helicopter in the predawn dark on Saturday, launching a major coalition offensive to take Marjah from the Taliban.

The Marines set up an outpost in a former drug lab and roadside-bomb factory and soon found themselves under near-constant attack.

Lance Cpl. Koenig, a lanky 21-year-old with jug-handle ears and a burr of sandy hair, is a designated marksman. His job is to hit the elusive Taliban fighters hiding in the tightly packed neighborhood near the base.

The insurgent sniper hit him first. The Casper, Wyo., native was kneeling on the roof of the one-story outpost, looking for targets.

He was reaching back to his left for his rifle when the sniper's round slammed into his helmet.

The impact knocked him onto his back.

Turns out he ended up with a red welt above his eye. Talk about someone looking out for him - There is another soldier mentioned in this story whose helmet was shot through, and he is ok. Full story HERE.

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  1. Diane:
    WOW...that's incredible!

    Guess that marine's guardian angel was working O/T as a SPOTTER that day!!!

    Glad to see him OK.