Friday, July 24, 2009

He was a really great kid - honestly occifer"

While heading to town yesrerday, and Michael Savage's radio show on am 950 had a break, so i flipped to the Micheal Berry show, out hf Houston. Found an interesting bit. A fine, upstanding youth, just the kind Quannell X idolizes, weas merely exercising his 2nd amendment rights in bearing arms. The youth was probably "only confusing his ride with that of a 74 year old gentlemans', who committing the dispicable and dastardy act of exiting a vehicle.

From channel 2: Houston police said Martin Baltazar, 18, approached August Peters as he was getting out of a car at a home in the 10900 block of Corona Lane shortly before 7 a.m. Thursday.

Investigators said Baltazar, wearing a ski mask, put a knife to Peters' throat and told the man to hand over his keys.

Why of course we need ski masks to wear down in Houston in the middle the darn summer! Its so hot, what else can we use to soak up the sweat that immediately forms on your skin? And those horrible UVB/UBA rays! He was only taking proper precautions agasint sun damange to hos skin.

Peters got back in his car, pulled out a gun and and fired twice -- hitting Baltazar once in the stomach, police said

See how having a gun accessible leads to MORE crime? why it kills the perp!

I don't know if this makes it easier on the police, but it's one less that we have to worry about.

Guess what? Quannell X, our *gasp, bag, barf" local Houston "community organizer* is bringing a rally out to support this poor youth who did nothing, wsa a saint, and went to church every Sunday (two times at least) and every Wedesday night, was a straight A student, yadda yadda yadda. And life rolls on.

I'd say this was a perfectly judificable homidice. Hang a medal arond that man's neck for not just putting up with it. We've been putting up with the status-quo so much that it's become the norm. Here is the article.


  1. If he that much of a good kid then he will make a model prisoner. I hope the old man sues the kid and his family for everything they might get in the future for the ordeal that the scum ADULT (18 is not a kid) put him through and for the cost of the bullets, there not cheap you know.

  2. I find it totally ridiculous and unable to swallow that everytime someone's son or daughter gets popped for a crime, "they're such a good kid, they'd never conceive of doing this, you must have the wrong person, this is just yet another case of racism"