Friday, July 24, 2009

Can't make up my mind..

Such is the dilemma of a house wife. Toss the carpet after 16 years of HARD use, includng power-puking cats, the demonoid cat with explosvie poops, the mystery pooer, and now a kitten that is only three weeks old around today. OR do I ask for the 25th wedding anniversay, done over with a preacher, at chuch, with cake and punch afterards? (none of that nasty stuff with the sherbert tossed int!)

I think my age is starting catch up with me. Most days now i'm just content to sit on the counc and watch Law & Order CI or SVU, whichver is on :P . I guess I'll turn n :P


  1. Well, there's a third option...get a job :P Then you will be too busy to give a crap about the carpet! hehehe, it sounded good to me anyways!

    But really, you should go with the new flooring, cuz an anniversary party only lasts a day, flooring lasts A LOT longer! :D

  2. Voting for new floor. (and that kitten still looks like an over sized rat to me)

  3. I vote for the floor, But then again I am not much into parties and

  4. Diane:
    Wifey and I agree (as cat owners)...Go for the CARPET!
    "power-puking" it!

  5. Hah GE figures you'd say GET A JOB.. I got one.. picking up after the rest here. Its a sucky job.. I'm going to make bulalo for dinner, and a few coronas in hubby, then suggest the hardwood floor, they have a Lumber Liquidators up in Houston. Oversized rat! She's acting more cat-like now than just a squiggly thing on the carpet.