Monday, July 6, 2009

Chase on TV

Just finished watching the car chase on channel 2.. a white van.. just ended in a parking garage. a white dodge caravan is driving in a parking garage, in north Houston. He had been driving around in circles around north Houston for the past He's been all over Houston, Fort Bend county, all around the town. But he's trapped in a parking garage now. The helicopter is hovering over the parking garage. He evaded several spike strips. He drove a high speed chase (moron) and a slow speed chase, turning around in U turns. Now someone is running across the top of the parking garage. Jumping over the side, Just jumped to 3rd level, police are looking over the level. Officers have hin on the ground and cuffed, facedown. Good. Chase started in north Houston, went to south Houston, and then back again. What a moron. One fine upstanding citizen I bet. Just out for a nice Monday drive.


  1. Cops can't do, what needs to be done, to end the chase......


    (how typical)

    Now, this perp will cost the TAXPAYERS a helluva lot more than if he JUST rammed something hard enough to send his body through the windshield.