Thursday, January 5, 2012

Winter Weather

Winter in south Texas is strange. One day you have the heater on, the next day you have the air conditioner on because the humidity is high. Or in the same day (we've had that happen more than a couple of times).

There is some breaking news out of the Middle East:

The Pentagon to Send US Troops to Israel. Iran is the Unspoken Target

Evidently this is a blacked-out newsbit here in the US, although I haven't turned on the news yet today (watching Style instead).

Is this going to be another Iraq? When a country that *has* nuclear weapons threatens to invade, don't you think the country that the invasion is supposed to come, will *want* nuclear weapons? I've been reading some more Ron Paul, and I'm coming more to agree with his views.

I've also come to the conclusion that the US is an empire - rather like the British Empire of past years. Europe and Japan are (fairly) robust economies, why can't they do their own defense, instead of the US? And if your answer is no, please comment as to 'why not?' I keep hearing "if the US doesn't do it, no one will", which is kind of a silly position, its basically the same as thinking "If the government doesn't do it, no one will". Quite a few things would be better off, if the government *didn't* do it, and private sector did.

None of the candidates on the right or the left (except for Ron Paul) are for reining in, or limiting the government. Most of the Republicans are for expanding the Patriot Act (which tramples all over people's rights); and for expanding even further. The Dems are only a few steps ahead of the Reps for expanding.

On another note, I had a package of Fava beans in my freezer, decided to finally cook them up - the website for the company has Mediterranean recipes. Here it is >> Some interesting recipes, and you really should try Baba Ganoush. Its great with pita bread!


  1. Diane:
    I don't really see America as an empire (of old), and here's why:
    Eggland, France and Spain (all in their own times), RULED other nations...we're not quite into that.
    We can't manage to RULE OURSELVES all that well most days.

    The 3 aforementioned nations were economically SOLVENT...and would do anything to get MORE "riches"...
    We're hanging on by the skin of our teeth, economically-speaking (and hoping CHINA doesn't call in all the markers they're holding on US.)

    I do agree we can't go and fight other nation's battles FOR THEM, but I also realize that it might be in America's "best interest" to assist them with whatever we can (Israel is pretty much SURROUNDED by the wrong people...imagine in WE were in similar straits).

    As to ALL the GOP candidates...every ONE has SOMETHING I like, but not one of them is "the whole package" to me...someone's got to bend a little here and there.
    Santorum DOES stand for principles.
    Paul has a good economic plan.
    Romney LOOKS the part.
    Gingrich has prior experience CLOSE to the White House.
    Perry has a "get it done" attitude.
    Bachman had SO much heart.

    Mix all of THAT together, and you got a REAL candidate, right?
    Gonna be a hard choice, that's for sure.

    Great post.

    Stay safe (and climate-controlled) down there.

  2. I think we're kind of ruling under the covers, i.e. look at Israel - they can't sneeze without getting the US stamp of approval. And we took out the democratically elected head of Iran back in 53, and put in the "moderate, western" shah, which brought in that mad cleric khomeini.

    Santorum stands for principles, yet he's a statist - let's grow government! Mittens (Michael Berry's name for Mitt) flipflops, says he's an R, yet does the same stuff Ds do. Gingrich, I wouldn't vote for that adulterer.

    The debt is now up over 15 trillion, and they are going to be voting again soon to UP it. This love affair with Keynsian money theory has to go!

    Go figure, we had AC on yesterday, today we have the heater on.