Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Why Democrats must go!

Then listen to part 2:

Speaking of Michael Berry, his show is now on from 8 am till 11 am, central time, on KTRH am 740 out of Houston >> http://www.ktrh.com/main.html and then from 5 to 7 pm. A good show to listen to!


  1. Diane:
    If I ever want to see WHY democrats MUST GO...all I have to do is look out any window of our "fortress", here in the ghettohood of SE Fort Wayne...lol.

    Good post, dear.

    Stay safe down there.

  2. Yep - I can't imagine (now) living there - but when I was in San Diego, I lived in "Nasty City" aka National City. About the same type of area. What was weird, is now that I think about it, I wasn't really scared.. but then I was young, and you know when you are young you are invincible!