Sunday, December 25, 2011

What is it about?

Linus explains what Christmas is all about

I've noticed a lack of Christmas cards with scripture, manger scenes, etc. Not really that many overtly religious cards. I ended up having to go to Dollar Tree to find some, for a craft that we were going to do on Wednesday night.

For those who think God is just so much hooey, and that it's all fables - look at Chris Hitchins. He's an atheist no longer. I feel bad for his family, that he's gone...but again, I don't see how someone could say God DOESN'T exist. Just look around, and it plainly tells you.

Darn. while blogging, i burned a batch of sugar cookies. The dog is happy though, as he gets the too-dark cookies.

Funny how people get when you say that the ONLY reason Jesus was born, was for the salvation of men, so that they did not have to go to hell. Oh noes, that ugly word, hell. If not for that, it would just be another day.


  1. Diane:
    I LOVE this speech by Linus...glad you put it up.
    And yes, too few cards have ANY reference directly to scipture these days (unless you shop a CHRISTIAN sad that is.

    Have a VERY BLESSED CHRISTMAS, to all of you in Rural South texas.

  2. Thank you - and hope you & the wife had a good Christmas also up there in the frozen north. I purchased a cardmaker program from Dover publications, and I am going to be making my own cards next year so that I can get exactly what I want on them.