Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Spiders.. interesting

I was listening to the Michael Berry show last week, and he was talking about a video...I *had* to watch it when I got home, and this is the vid:

On another note, Obama is doing by executive order what will not pass through congress/senate. Talk about being a usurper.


  1. Diane:
    Again, we're on the same page with the "One"...
    I'm working on a post (hopefully tomorrow) about just that - THE EXECUTIVE ORDER.

    Spiders on drugs?
    Wonder WHO got the gov't GRANT for THAT one???

    (and can *I* get one for squirrels on coffee?)

    Stay safe (and spider-free) down there.

  2. LOL thought you'd enjoy the spiders. including the thc spider that built a hammock, and the crack spider that capped its a$$. Guess it's kind of like looking down your street? I'll have to swing by & look. Been busy with church lately, and making christmas presents. And I found out a size 7 is about 21 inches or thereabouts. Any particular colors? I've been crocheting like crazy here. Found a table mat pattern that I really like, and I have a ball of white crochet thread that has 1.5 miles on it.

    I've got some things roiling around in my head, but it *kind of * relates to politics, but it's more how stuff affects a person. guess I will rant tomorrow morning. :)