Thursday, November 17, 2011

Ron Paul Candidate Profile

the only reasonable choice among the R's running, is Ron Paul, aka Dr. No, He Who Must Not Be Named, The Fringe Candidate Who Polls Above 30 Percent

Here are some good parts of it:

Spending/size of government/entitlement reform: Would return the U.S. dollar to a gold standard, effectively ending the central bank’s ability to manipulate the currency. Would also eliminate the central bank. Gary Johnson and Paul are the only Republican candidates giving serious consideration to cuts in military spending. Recognizes Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid as not merely economically ruinous but morally defective.

Personal freedom: Opposes abortion, but would leave regulation of it to the states. Recognizes the Second Amendment as a necessary check on tyranny as well as an expression of the right of self-defense. Opposes regulation of internet commerce and communications and has voted against bills aimed at banning online gaming, taxing internet commerce, policing sex offenders online, and requiring ISPs to answer to content bureaucrats (i.e. “net neutrality”). Paul’s position on most wedge issues is that they should be left to the states. Paul’s 2005 “We the People” bill would have prohibited federal courts from hearing cases on abortion, same-sex unions, sexual practices, and establishment of religion.

Immigration: Consistently supports stronger border enforcement. Argues that illegal immigrants strain public services more than they contribute to the economy, and advocates ending all public services to illegal immigrants and an amendment to end birthright citizenship. Would prohibit public money for hospitalization of undocumented immigrants but does not oppose letting charities take over these payments. His immigration position is rooted in the principle that a welfare state cannot coexist with open borders.

Education: Supports ending all federal support for and oversight of education. For this reason, he opposes school vouchers, which would place private schools under federal oversight. He does support education tax credits.

Campaign site:

If he doesn't get the nomination for Rs this year, I'm sticking with the Libertarian Party, as the Republicans are only a step or two behind the Democrats in big government nanny state.

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