Thursday, November 17, 2011

yet another idea!

While reading over at archives, I came across this nugget of joy in the comments on Public Healthy & the tyranny of the Common Good, from sarcasmic:

How many of those who are currently part of Red US are in fact dependent upon government plunder?

When it comes to a choice between standing up for principle and no longer receiving a wealth transfer (veterans pension check, government paycheck, Social Security check, Medicare benefit, unemployment check, Food Stamps, Subsidized Loan, paycheck from government contractor, agricultural subsidy, the list goes on), will they really stand up for principle?

Or will they be right there in the streets demanding what is "theirs"?

It reminds me of a sign that I had seen, I don't quite remember where online, but a senior with a sign saying "keep your government hands off my medicare". Um, really? Where does the "magickal money" come from? I'll let you figure that one out on your own.

I agree with Ron Paul - those on SS *right now* would still get their checks - those not on it yet, guess what, you get a lesser percentage say 5 years out from that magical age, and those 10 years out get even less. Those 20 years out, guess what - start saving and investing for your retirement.

I've started reading more of Ludwig von Mises' book on economics. I'm finding that I really enjoy learning about economics.

Here is your WHAT of the day:

Hurts just looking at that guys Xray.


  1. Diane:
    Yeah, it cracks me up with all these loons wanting "free" money, and never caring WHERE it comes from.

    Maybe...just MAY-BE if they got a decent job, or otherwise WORKED for that money, they'd be a lot more caring as to WHERE it winds up, other than in their own "hip-national-bank"...

    And those pruning shears...OUCH!
    (that's gonna leave a mark)

    Good post.

    Stay safe doiwn there

  2. There were reporters that went & asked if they were offered a 150k job immediately on wall street, they all said "hell no". This goes to show the entitlement mentality that the OWS have.

    Watch out for pruning shears!