Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Some games

I hadn't thought about playing games lately on the computer, but there are a few I really like - Bin Laden Liquors is one! Found here, its a great shoot-em up game. But you have to avoid shooting that pesky hostage that likes to pop up just as you shoot the terrorist. You lose points for escaped terrorists, and for hostages shot.

Another fun game I found years ago, is the Cow Pie game. Found here. A steak drops out of the sky, and you have to shoot a cowpie out of the cow to smack the steak. You only get 10 cowpies per set.

Another one I like is Cat Bowling found here. I did manage to bowl a perfect game, however, if someone after you bowls a 300 also, your high score gets kicked and theirs goes up.

Kitten Cannon found here sort of disturbs me. I don't mind shoot-em up games, but for some reason this one does. My youngest daughter was pretty good at this game. There are other games available at Addicting Games, so you can manage to avoid your 'honey-do" list for a few hours and waste some time!


  1. Diane: bowling.
    Somehow, I don't think our felines would be into that.
    Gonna have to check these out.
    (got a few minutes here and there to waste, too)

    Stay safe down there.

  2. The games are pretty fun - a great time-waster, while you are waiting for the next honey-do list! It feels like it's going to rain today outside.