Monday, March 21, 2011

A few oldies

Remember this aftershave? I don't remember what it smells like, but I do remember the commercials for it!

Hmmm.. Winston is

There is so much going on...but I have been busy CLEANING and going through old tubs of quilting fabric to give to a friend. How the heck did I accumulate three 30 gallon tubs of fabric? I did find some cross-stitching fabric, linen, but I cannot see well enough anymore to do that :( I've taken up lots of crocheting, scrapbooking, and card-making. Now that the kids have moved out, I have a whole room for myself - my recumbent bike, some dressers to put my scrapbooking stuff in, a TV and I have to pick up a DVD player, so I can sit back there & mess around with my stuff, while having the tube on.

Here is a good recipe for French Onion Soup. I am out of white wine, so trying it with red wine instead.


  1. Diane:
    My late buddy loved Hai Karate I got to smell it a lot.
    (slightly sweet and citrus like with hints of sandalwood)
    My Dad preferred Jade East (more woodland) and I liked Black Belt (smelled like spices) -must have been some ASIAN thing with manly scents back in those days...LOL!

    The Flintstone ciggie commercial is priceless.
    (and in B&W)
    I remember damn near everyone hawking smokes in my day.
    ANd few of them actually died from ciggies...

    As for the soup recipe...the RED wine might work, but depending on the variety of wine, it could affect the taste.
    Even a dry white wine (probably a RHINE version) is less "potent" than any red.
    And dry doesn't mean fruity, so that narrows the field down.

    Let me know how it turns out.
    And happy Spring Cleaning.
    (and for reminding me...ARGH~!)

    Stay safe down there.

  2. well darn, my comment disappeared. The red wine turned out better than the red. I used St. Genevieve merlot. And 1 stick of butter in the onions. Turned out better than when I used the white. Seems like men's cologne nowadays, all are done by rap stars, and other 'celebrities'.