Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I so need this sign

Although we don't have the long-haired cat that would hork hairballs all over the place (which is worse - stepping in a warm hairball or a cold hairball?) or the one that would overeat, then vomit it up (still could distinguish what cat food piece was what) then she'd go back and reload. Pets are so much ... fun?


  1. Diane:
    One thing I've come to know...
    Doesn't matter what the "temperature" of the hairball is...what matters is HOW WET it is when you step in it.

    A DRY one is MUCH more preferred by 9 out of 10 cat owners.

    Stay safe (and hairball free) down there.

  2. yes.. dry hairballs are VERY preferable to wet ones. One night, Greebo vomited a huge mess ON my side of the bed :| and then he ran into the hallway, left another big pile and then into the kitchen with a 3rd. I don't know how his stomach held that much food.