Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I swear, there are nincompoops and incompetent fools everywhere - ESPECIALLY in government work! I can think of two excellent examples of this:

#1. The railroad people, replacing ties, and "improving" the crossings. One street, has a 4-inch drop when you cross the first rail, then crossing the one right after, is a 4-inch climb. Both drop off sheerly. I avoid that street at all costs now, after going over it once. It had been bad before, but now it's even worse. They've "improved" the crossing down through one of the main roads in town. Guess what. It's so "improved" that now they have signs up saying "rough crossing" and there is a giant hump in the middle of it, where before it was just a little bit bumpy. They're "improving" the crossing further down the road we take to get to our house. I had to drive 10 miles out of my way yesterday on their 'detour' because the crossing was closed. I can't wait to see how its "improved". :|

#2. The route they put in around the main part of town, to avoid going through there - They did that like 5 years ago. Each month it seems, they are fixing potholes. And not just little potholes. These are ones that will ruin your tire, or you could lose a small child in. They just finished "fixing" the latest potholes, and guess what? The patches are already crumbling into new potholes. They are working on the second leg of the route around the main parts of town, I think the same incompetents that did the first part are working on the second part.

I'd like to get RID of all incompetents in government. When you mention this on Facebook, suddenly the government workers rise up, get all snarky, and start calling you names. Go figure. Must be one of those incompetents.

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  1. Diane:
    LOL on the small child potholes...brilliant!
    We used to call them "alternative housing for the recently displaced" (in Philly).
    As to the "peeps"?
    It's just that people have gotten "comfortable" with incompetence...accepted it as SOP (standard operating procedure), when the REST of us have gotten tired of shaking our heads in disgust (AND, it makes us dizzy).

    It doesn't matter how much you advocate the TRUTH these days...people will attack YOU instead of even trying to make THEIR case (flimsy as it usually is).

    And that's why I don't have time for such blinder-wearing people.
    Gonna be fun to watch them "wake up", right?

    Excellent post.

    Stay safe down there.