Monday, July 19, 2010

Just another day

in south Texas, HOT, muggy, and today, rainy. Well not hard rain, but the sprinkling type of rain that is just annoying. Got soaked yesterday heading back to church from lunch - it was POURING cats & dogs. Of course it let up after I get in the building, but if we had waited at the restaurant till it stopped, we would have been late for afternoon service.

Afternoon service? yes, instead of people driving back to town for an evening service, the preacher just arranged it to be slid up to 2 p.m., being people come from other towns. We live out of town a good 20 minutes, so just avoiding all that driving, either we bring lunch, and eat there, or go out to a restaurant in town & eat. Makes it fun, as we go out to lunch with friends and have a nice time. Preacher yesterday said when he wanted to change it to 2pm, he was being told it was because he wanted to get home & watch the football game. hah!

I'm sitting out on our patio (used to be a carport, but now it's a patio), and it's dribbling bits of rain here and there. I can hear it dripping off our roof, and the fig tree by the shed. The first fig crop is almost all gone - there are a few really ripe figs, and a few overripe figs squashed on the leaves. We have three fig trees, and one is huge - taller than our house. I haven't done anything with the figs this year, and I kept missing the guy that picks up our trash, that his dad could come get all the figs he wants. This fall, when the main crop is in, will let him know. We are too far out for regular trash pickup, but this elderly guy whose kids/grandkids live with him, runs an old sided truck to pick up trash from rural areas. Nice guy, have talked to him about the area when he was young.

My fancy hibiscus is blooming is a picture from earlier this spring:

Its a very sultry evening here, barely a wisp of a breeze. The smoke from the barbecue is curling up straight, with only the occasional flare-up of flame. sultry = TOO DARN HOT AND MUGGY! I'd go sit inside, but then the chicken would be perverse and start on fire.

I'm looking forward to fall.


  1. You mean you haven't burnt any yet?

  2. Diane:
    That IS a beautiful hibiscus...
    ANd I can relate about the rain...
    A good steady rain puts me right to sleep at night, but when the is about 200%, rain makes everything a little bit worse...
    (can't get anything dry, or stay dry - thank God for A/C!)

    Maybe sultry is good in the DEEP south (on the porch, rocking away in a white suit and mint julep within reach), but not for me.
    The ONLY sultry I like is with women...LOL!

    Stay comfy and dry!