Saturday, July 10, 2010

I can't keep up...

with all the different things going on that I read online, to blog about. But this BP spill, is something... Obama is planning on taking his THIRD vacation since it started (days before the White House said it happened, according to Coast Guard logs); he says he wants an a$$ to kick...yet he does nothing, like revoke the Jones Act temporarily, so that foreign ships may come and help. He's turned down help from countries who have experience, and the needed equipment for this... On the news the other day, I heard that out of 2000 craft, only 400 were dispatched. And the White House is keeping photographers/reporters away, 20 meters. He's trying to blame Bush, however, the Bush White House issued over 800 violations to BP, the Obama administration gave BP an award. The MMS was a laugh (they were too busy surfing for porn evidently); and Obama is the #1 individual recipient of BP money. Strange bedfellows.

I read a blog post today over at Bloviating Zeppelin, (whatever a bloviating is!) about the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and are we there to win or just hang in there. From his blog:

I don't doubt the American Soldier, not for a microsecond. I don't doubt his commitment, his courage, his valor, his strength, his honor, his obedience, his history. Make no mistake; it is the American Soldier that is, essentially, the savior many times over of this planet and of freedom.

But I am thinking that, if we refuse to support them logistically, if we fail to provide them with a clear mission, with clear and logical rules of engagement, with the equipment they need at the front and at home, if we fail to support them when they are injured, if we fail to support their families when they have shed blood for this country and proffered the ultimate sacrifice -- but mostly -- if we bind their arms and blind their eyes and still shove them out into a hail of fire and IEDs. . .

If we bind them politically and reign them in and keep them from winning. . .

. . . then is it not time to stop the further loss of our good young men and women in the military?

Is it not time to let what must be, be?

If we are not going to remove and ship oil from Iraq . . .

If we are not going to send Killer Squads into Pakistan to eliminate bin Laden . . .

If we are not going to kill five terrorists for every one soldier killed, and put their bleeding heads on sharpened sticks in public . . .

If we are not going to assault mosques and ventilate the Taliban and al Qaeda in what is, essentially, just another building . . .

If we are not going to tolerate collateral damage or casualties in any way . . .

If we demand perfection from our soldiers and expect lawlessness from our enemies, then prosecute our soldiers for being human . . .

Then we have committed ourselves to defeat and allowed our good men to die. And therefore, no more good men should die if we lack the political will to kill the enemy. Lots of people. People who deserve killing no matter where they be, no matter how they dress.

For Christ's sake, people, we refuse to even call the enemy "the enemy." We use euphemisms.

And then, maybe then, it really is time to pack up and go home.

My niece is a Marine LT in Afghanistan right now. She said in an email update, that her husband (a Marine Capt) is about 3 hours away from her, also in Afghanistan. My nephew (yes - another Marine) was in Iraq, with a group of MPs. Why are they over there? In Pakistan, 68% view us as the enemy. According to the Koran, Muslims are commanded NOT to take Jews or infidels (those not Muslim - and to some Muslims, those who do not believe as they do) for friends. One interesting thing about the Koran, is the doctrine of "abrogation" - "None of Our revelations do We abrogate or cause to be forgotten, but We substitute something better or similar: Knowest thou not that Allah hath power over all things?" (Qur'an 2:106). The Mecca verses on violence, abrogate the earlier peaceful Medina verses. So the earlier verses of talking of 'people of teh book' peacefully earlier, are abrogated by later Suras... here is the main chapter that deals with infidels (us).

I'm really starting to wonder WHY we are over there.. Saddam is toppled, Kurds are free to be killed by Sunnis and Shiites, and WHY are we sending money to Pakistan, a place where women are stoned for the great crime of being seen in public walking with a man. I found an interesting bit on Pakistan. Seems they're far and away the country with Google Trends, in searches for child sex, and other perverted stuff. The link is safe, it's a news story about it.

The democrats are not backing up our military, and our country is entranced by the morons in Hollywood, Lindsey Lohan et al. It seems lots of people really don't pay attention to what is going on in the world.

On a happy note, I acquired my latest: bottom model. Comes with a concealed carry belt bag. However, the slide lock.. Evidently my thumb strength REALLY sucks, as I cannot get it to go...TG? Any ideas? I have a box of ammo, and the youngest is anxious to get a chance to kill some diet coke cans also. Hub is like "you didn't go grocery shopping BEFORE you went wildly spending your money!". Beans and rice, and whatever's in the freezer this week :)


  1. Diane:
    Congrats for becoming a TAURUS owner (the gun, not the Ford...LOL)
    They DO make nice affordable pistols.

    Regarding the slide stop might just have to break it in.
    I know the external safety on my PT 145 was stiff out of the box, but it's easy enough now to flick with my thumb.

    As to the Middle East situation...
    Well, that's a very complex issue these days, as is ANY war.

    As soon as the politicinas get their "fingers in the pie", all bets are off.

    Waging (and winning) a war SHOULD be a LOT easier, for everyone involved.

    OUr naton LOVES to send money to other nations, and while that's a NOBLE gesture, consider where the money winds up...

    We send MEXICO something like 20 BILLION in "aid", and the result is people STILL illegally crossing the borders, and more drugs crossing as well.
    I mean WTF?

    We dump millions to countries with histories filled with decades of civil war, and it never seems to get resolved.

    Many times, it'
    s looks as though were the problem-solvers of the whole world...maybe we'd do better to take care of some things HERE...first?
    (Just a suggestion)

    Good post and commentary.

    Happy shooting.

  2. will keep on with the slide lock - Hub is still like "why do you need a new gun? we have the 9mm" but it's more like - its smaller, handier, and MINE. Although I'll be glad to let him use it :P

    We really are, if you think about it, almost the caretakers of the world. That really started back in the days of the Great White Fleet, under I think it was - the progressive Woodrow Wilson.

    Why are we sending all these countries so much money? Forced charity is NOT charity at all - it's robbery. Forcing someone to give of their money to others, is robbery, flat out. However, the country that ponies up the most, when some disaster happens (like the tidal wave, or the earthquake in Haiti) is the US. It was a muslim country that was devastated by the tidal wave, yet they gave paltry amounts. Like Saudi.

    Sending soldiers over to NOT complete a military objective is just stupid in my mind. What is the purpose of an army?

    Title 10 (a) It is the intent of Congress to provide an Army that is capable, in conjunction with the other armed forces, of—

    (1) preserving the peace and security, and providing for the defense, of the United States, the Commonwealths and possessions, and any areas occupied by the United States;
    (2) supporting the national policies;

    (3) implementing the national objectives; and

    (4) overcoming any nations responsible for aggressive acts that imperil the peace and security of the United States. US Code, Section 3062 (a)

    When the politicians get mucked up in military affairs, it goes bad (i.e. Vietnam).

    Like "corpseman" from the pResident.