Friday, May 14, 2010


Entitletude to me is the mentality that "I'm entitled, give me what's coming to me" without work, just because you breathe. It's becoming entrenched in our society, what with the giant Ponzi scheme of Social Security, the 'great society' of LBJ, with those social programs such as Medicaid, Medicare, food stamps, Head Start (which is proven to not give those children a head start!) Also included in the 'great society' was National Endowment for the Arts, and National Endowment for the Humanities, PBS (what, the companies running television stations were so bad they had to start a government television station?)

The 'war on poverty' hasn't succeeded, and has only made more poor. Why should you work, when you can get paid for not working? People talk about slavery - this is slavery to the government. There are many people on the government plantation. And people don't even see it.

You're supposed to be actively looking for work while on welfare. However, how many people actually put forth the effort to do this? Same with on unemployment. With that stretched out to 99 weeks (almost 2 years), there is no incentive to do so. It's been found that as the weeks are almost up for unemployment, people actually START looking for work, as their unemployment is going away soon, and they will stop 'getting theirs'.

I was listening to someone talk about how the rich are getting richer, and the poor getting poorer... like if someone makes more money, they are somehow taking money from the person who is poor. Those EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVIL businesses are robbing the people by charging for their product, to make a profit. EEEEEvil profits! Since when is making a profit a bad thing? People do not go into business to give away their product for cost, or less than what it costs to manufacture. They go into it to make money, for themselves, and if a publicly-held company, their shareholders. No one forces you to buy from that company.

I found a blog post that I rather liked. It was written back in 2005, and it's about choices in life. Whether one makes good choices or poor choices, and that's how we end up in life. If you make the choice to drop out of school, you're going to have made a BAD choice, and you have to live with the consequence of your choice.

From that blog post, we see the consequences of bad choices:

Case in point. Let’s take Alice, a 41 year old waitress, mother of 4, in Mosquito Spit, Alabama. (Names have been changed to protect the poor.) She was raised in a family that made bad choices in life so she didn’t start off all that good to begin with. (Again, bad decisions tend to be passed down from generation to generation.) Alice MADE A DECISION to drop out of High School to attend a trade school. Now she’s limited her options in life. Okay… not an altogether disatrous choice by itself. Let’s move on… Alice MADE A CHOICE to have unprotected sex with her high school boyfriend and got pregnant. Now her options in life have narrowed yet again, in the absense of any other mitigating circumstances. (Like winning the lottery, for instance.) Alice MADE A CHOICE to marry a man who wasn’t particularly ambitious in life. Alice MADE A CHOICE to buy that brand new car because it sure was nice. She can handle the payments as long as nothing else in life happens. She’ll worry about investing for her retirement later. Alice MADE A CHOICE to run up some credit card debt and pay the minimum balances from now until the end of time. Alice MADE A CHOICE to just work at the diner and then come home and watch TV or go out with her friends and/or husband and not look for ways to improve her situation like going to school or starting a side business or SOMETHING. Alice MADE A CHOICE to have yet another kid when paying the car payment was a huge strain at this point in life already. Alice MADE A CHOICE to have yet another kid. Alice MADE A CHOICE to have yet ANOTHER kid… putting her husband and herself permanently in the category of what we call poor.

Its all choices. You end up choosing where you will be in life, and what you make of it. The above example is what is too often happening.

The example, is all results of choices that she made. Why should everyone have to support her because of the CHOICES she made?

Many of today's kids aren't graduating. Why? Because they CHOOSE to not study, to NOT pay attention, to NOT do the work. They are reaping what they sow. Why should someone have to bail them out because they did not do what they should have?

People make choices all through their lives - if they make bad choices, whose fault is it? Society (who usually has to end up paying for their crappy choices), or the person who made the choice? It seems people nowadays have the victim mentality - "its not my fault". Oh YES IT IS YOUR FAULT. You put yourself in that situation. It's like the saying "no one can get you angry but yourself". You choose how to act/react.



  1. Diane:
    Damn, girl...tell us how you REALLY feel...LOL.

    Seriously, this is the BEST post I've seen here (all the others are tied for SECOND).

    ANd I've said for years that we've supplanted ONE form of slavery for another...but the "sheeple" can't see past thier BLINDERS to notice (too much free stuff coming at them for crying all those crocodile tears at teh "gub'ment").

    Larry Elder is a FIRM believer in this "Victicratic" behavior and how it hurts our society (good writer)...a self-destructive mindset meant to CONTROL those too damn lazy to do anything else...and they don't even KNOW they're being "controlled"...!

    Cripes, even ENDENTURED SERVITUDE means you're WORKING for something...and that was back in the Middle Ages!

    It's like people LOVE to have "tunnel-vision" in their lives...
    I prefer to keep MY "options" open...always!

    EVERYTHING in life IS about...choices (good OR bad).
    No matter how large or small the situation or decision may IS about making a CHOICE.

    Until and unless these people are provided a lesson in ETHICAL BEHAVIOR, they're going to remain with us.

    My Dad always said: "You make your gotta sleep in it".

    It IS their fault...certainly NOT OURS.
    Fantastic post...couldn't have said it better!

    And have a great weekend.

  2. Thanks I had a good weekend, and we finally got some good rain here. I got a new netbook, and its silly, all my passwords are stored on the desktop, most of them I don't remember what they are to log in here or there! At least I remember the log in info for here.