Monday, May 3, 2010

Digital Photocopiers

I was over reading at Lawdog, and he had a post about digital photocopiers - I never thought about it - those things have a hard drive, and you can get the info off that, like AFTER its been returned to the company, and rented out to someone else. CBS news has a story on it>

Check out The Lawdog Files for his post on it, it goes over to Bayou Renaissance Man also. Good information on there.

Speaking of information, someone at the local vet's called the police about vandalism to their awning. She called the police station, said her first and last name for reporting it, and the police questioned back "is xxxx your middle name?". HOW the heck would they know that? She didn't grow up in the area, so its not like one of her sister's school buddies would know her.

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