Monday, May 10, 2010

I went & did it

I finally took the plunge and got myself a netbook. Went to Wal de Mart yesterday, and got an Acer for $298. NOW I'm trying to get used to a smaller keyboard than on hubby's laptop. It appears summer is here in south Texas, as we have to have on the AC almost all the time, even at night back in the bedroom so it's not too hot.

Hub got a ticket yesterday, Oopsie, the registration was 2 months out of date, and the inspection was due last month. He said to NOT wave at the officer as we were driving off. This means it's my turn for a ticket, as we seem to take turns getting them. Except for his are for stuff like that...Mine are for moving violations. Like the warning ticket I got on Easter after leaving church. I was stopped at a stopsign, and the cross-traffic didn't have one. I was eyeballing the pretty long-haired white cat over to my left in a yard, and started going. Bad idea! there was a police car coming from my right, which I didn't notice. At least it was only a warning ticket. MUST REMEMBER EYES ON ROAD NOT ON CATS (or squirrels).

The peanut has her drivers license back again, so our insurance cost is high. She takes my car all the time, so I'm back to driving the truck. Can't drive it when its rainy out, as the wiper assembly is screwed and doesn't work.

I had a really big surprise yesterday morning from hub and the peanut - She gave me a box of chocolates (Russel Stover!), a card, and a gift basket she had made up. Paul REALLY surprised me, with a blue topaz/citrine jewelry set - necklace, earrings and bracelet, done in silver. We went out to the Mexican restaurant over in the town by the bay, and had shrimp fajitas for lunch. It was the busiest I've seen PMR in a while, being we usually go there around 5 pm on a Saturday...early to beat the crowd. The shrimp fajitas there are the best. Fresh tortillas too. And we had a half-order of sopapillas for dessert. Of course the honey drips on my shirt :| so back into the laundry it goes.

The honeysuckle along the road has stopped blooming, but the jasmine here on my trellis by the porch has started blooming, and it smells lovely.

The keyboard on this takes some getting used to, as it is tinier than a regular keyboard. this is so cool!


  1. Diane:
    Now that sounded like a perfect day for all...
    And as for the ticket?
    Tell Hubby you want a REGISTRATION for NEXT year.
    (better early AND safe.
    PLUS, it's the gift that keeps on GIVING...ALL year long (as in giving you freedom from THAT type fo ticket)...LOL.

    Netbooks DO ahve tiny keyboards...makes my "huntin' and peckin' easier..(less space to wander around).
    That reminds me...gotta charge the battery on ours.
    (Every 2 weeks is good, depending on usage)

    Have fun with it.

    And do Have a great week.

  2. I'm really liking this.. I can sit in the living room on the couch and chat, or post on my blog, and surf the net. Only thing is this little keyboard, but I am getting used to it.

    I don't even remember getting the paperwork for hub's car registration in the mail! I remember getting the one for my car, I went & got that done.. but his is a month or two later, and I don't remember getting something in the mail about it. At least it wasn't my ticket this time. My turn is next...we seem to take turns :P

  3. It's nice to share that way...isn't it?