Saturday, November 21, 2009

Trip to Houston

We were up in Houston this week, while hub had grand jury duty, and I got to walk the tunnels underneath Houston. Kind of interesting, long walk from Fed. building to the huge Macy's a few blocks away. That store is huge, 5 stories tall, lots of stuff on sale on their 1-day sale. I think I will go again when they have that type of sale again! Wednesday night, we weren't sure where to dine out, so I started going through the 'inside the loop' yellow pages. Lots of restaurants to pick from, but we ended up going to a Sicilian restaurant - Buon Appetito - at 2231 W. Holcombe Blvd. Wow! We just knew what was basically on the menu from the menu page. This place is a really neat find - its in a blue with white trim house - the minute you walk by the front door, you can already smell good stuff inside. Inside there are 2 rooms, the room we sat in had 5 tables - to seat 4 each - and an older guy playing guitar and singing in Italian. (of course he did Volare) The food was great, and the tiramisu was excellent, along with an espresso after dinner. Hub had the linguini and I had the conchiglie stuffed with crabmeat. We had an appetizer, the stuffed calimari, sauteed. Wow, that stuff is great. I really enjoyed this restaurant. Nice for a romantic night out.

Thursday we had the symphony, so we ate at Cabo's on Travis. Good food, especially their habanero shrimp salad. Hub had the burrito, he wasn't feeling that hungry. If I had my camera, I would have taken a picture of it! It was huge. Symphony was great, had Mahler's Das Lied von der Erde - The Song of the Earth. We hadn't heard that before, but really enjoyed it. It was nice not having a 1.5 hour drive to home after the symphony let out, just a short drive to the hotel.

Thursday noon we ate at DiMassi's Mediterranean Buffet off 59 south, just south of 8. It has Arabic music videos going on while you eat. Weird. But good food, plus baklava at the end for a dessert. Shopping at Kohl's, Ross, and Academy then off to the grocery store for a turkey and a ham.

It appears that 30 lb turkeys are a thing of the past! The largest I found was a 22 lb turkey.


  1. I wish I knew y'all were in town. I would have loved to had lunch with you both. Well maybe next time. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Thanks. Will be getting to Houston again before the holidays get here, to do alot of shopping. At least as far as Sugarland, to the mall.