Thursday, November 12, 2009


This car drove into a lagoon by Galveston. !! This car is a Bugatti Veyron, is one of 15 in the US.

The two-seater, with 16 cylinders and four turbo chargers, can reach speeds of more than 250 mph. New models sell for about $2 million.

The news said the enginge gurgled for about 15 minutes after landing in the water, and then died. I wonder how much it will cost for an engine replacement? Plus the water damage inside. It will stink like a swamp after this, that water is not clear, but nasty.

The report said "The man jerked the wheel, dropped his cell phone, and the car’s front tire left the frontage road and entered a muddy patch, which foiled his attempt to maneuver away from the lagoon."

Bummer. I guess lots of money doesn't make you less stupid. The car was one of only 200 made also. I bet he's crying into his beer (or champagne) now about his car. Makes another case for not paying attention to your cell phone while driving. First there's people running into the backs of other cars because they're busy texting, idiots driving around ESPECIALLY SLOW because of their cell phone (I was behind someone doing 10 in a 30 zone Sunday), and now this. Maybe they're not the conveniences that everyone seems to think.

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  1. Diane:
    Doesn't look like Bugatti should be entering the "powerboat" arena ANY time soon...
    (make that FOURTEEN Veyrons now...LOL)