Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Deer season

Deer season is either upon us or really close. I remember years gone by, with my dad going deer hunting out west, and coming home with the guys with dead deer tied with ropes all over the vehicles when they returned. Each year they used mom's laundry pole to hang the deer from, and gut them, cut off ends of legs, whatever they do. A distinct memory I have is playing in my sandbox and trying to hide deer legs in there. The things people let their kids play with :P

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  1. Diane:
    Growing up in Philly, the closst I ever got to a deer was a STUFFED one at the Academy of NSceinces (downtown)...
    Well, that...AND at the zoo!

    Then, I was biking through Pennypack Park in Philly (later in life), and was startled by a HERD of deer bounding down one side of the crekk, crossing it, and exiting the other side...musta been around TWENTY or more!
    IN the city limits, too!
    That was fantastic.

    We did have one guy that shot a deer, hung it OUTSIDE the bedroom window of his house (to which the police came by and changed that)

    But when I got to the Midwest...I found out these "Hoosiers" are plum deer-CRAZY!

    Sales ALL OVER the place...shotguns, rifles, bows and arrows...and AMMO out the butt (I got my shotgun ammo, but NOT for deer...heh, heh, heh)

    Playing in the sand w/ deer legs, hmm?
    (and here all I carried was a rabbit's foot on a chain...unlucky for the rabbit...LOL)

    y'all are strange, but in a GOOD way...!


    Nice post.
    (and get those kids OUT of that sandbox)