Monday, November 23, 2009

Some good snark

I left the tab open last night on my Firefox so I could get back to it - I hate it when it messes up and I have to start a whole new session - because then I misplace about 10 sites that I've tabbed, and have to go into history to get them all back. Stupid computer, be more smart!

HERE is the Secret History of the United States! I guess its appropriate now because one of the channels on DirectTV did a presentation last night, Before Columbus. Meaning before the eeeeeeeevil white men came and did all sorts of horrible things. I hadn't realized the earth was so peaceful until the the founding of this country. After all, all the indians were peaceful, and gave other tribes large banquets. Other countries throughout Europe and Asia did not fight amongst themselves. Only since the inception of the United States has all this evil in the world has come about.


  1. Diane:
    Only can a Ukranian (immigrating here) come up with the "real truth" when it comes to LIBERALISM...!

    Brilliant piece - tongue firmly in cheek.
    And don't laugh...they (liberals) really SEE it that way!

  2. I know they see it that way - that's what's so bad about it! Its unbelievable.