Tuesday, July 12, 2011

VBS is next week

It's that time of year again - Vacation Bible School! I teach the 5, 6 and 7 year olds each year. I wonder how many kids I will get this year, and ack!! how many will NOT behave or listen? I have really noticed a difference in between the kids I taught on the Navajo reservation (I had around 25 in my class) to the group of kids I get here (around 15). The kids on the rez are better behaved, I *might* have some trouble with one, but just have a helper take him to the missionary, and they come back, apologize, and there's no trouble anymore. THEN, there's VBS at our church. Last time, I told the VBS head that I wanted to work in the kitchen next, as the kids just *would not* behave. Not as bad as the year we had the biting incidents. One of the kids bit my youngest daughter (who was a helper), another child, and she took him to the office to be taken home, he bit the guy that was taking him home.

I don't know if this is a reflection of American society on a small scale - these kids (except some of the younger ones) have BEEN in school, and know how they are supposed to behave.

I find this type of behavior reprehensible, and I completely fault the parent(s).

Is this a fall-out from the entitlement mentality? "I should have X merely because I am" is NOT a reason to receive anything...except contempt.

While I was in Medford May & June, while driving to Michaels for more yarn, or the grocery store, I would see many just standing on the corners, holding cardboard signs, begging. I really felt like yelling out the window "get a haircut and a shave, a bath, and get off your butts and find a job". Except that is kind of long, so I'd probably just cut it up to "get a job!"

One lady I saw by the Arby's in south Medford the whole time I was there. And they all looked like the people in those anti-meth commercials you see on Oregon TV.

Back to the upcoming VBS. I look forward to it each year, but as each day of it goes by, I dread going to church and having to deal with the kids. Can't do anything to any of them, because a parent might sue the church & you. I think some parents need to be taken out back of the woodshed and given an education.

I've learned how to crochet socks, so I've been busy making some for people for Christmas. Also found out, sock yarn is very easily chewed through by cats. 'The Devil' (previously known as "princess anna marie buttercup" likes to assist me in my crocheting. I just found a potholder I was making, separated from the cone of yarn :|

As for the blogosphere, I was reading an article over at Redstate, and came across a blog link that I followed - and wow, some good reading. I'm in the middle of her "Why taxes and welfare are bad" section here. Well worth a read.

Hope you guys have a good day!


  1. Diane:
    Back in either my THIRD of FOURTH lifetime (ages ago) I used to teach VBS at our church, and the hardest thing to deal with was some of the kids...

    I also taught Sunday School for "tweens", and it was SO rough to "undo" in ONE HOUR what the rest of the world crammed into their brains the REST of the week, not to mention whatever "homelife" they suffered.

    Agreed that the PARENTS need to be disciplined...severely...to "wise them up".

    The Bible says train up a child in the way they will go, and they grow up, they will not deviate from it...

    Yeah, right. That got tossed with the bath water in MOST houses these days, it seems.

    Still, if you reach ONE...it's worth it!

    And yes..welfare IS bad.
    That ought to be a VERY enlightening read for 'ya.

    And a lot of people GOT BY (well) before we even HAD it...amazing.

    Good post.

    Stay safe down there.

  2. There are some that can be reached...but many that just don't seem to give a flip about anything at all. I've found that usually the kids will listen to a male, but a female? no..they just deal with it like they do mom. Just ignore.

    One teen cussed in the Sparks room in front of the little kids. I grabbed her by collar of shirt and dragged her to the preachers office. She was yelling "I'm gonna tell my momma" I told her "good, tell your momma. I'd LIKE to talk to her about your behavior".

    Have a good weekend!

  3. "I'm in the middle of her "Why taxes and welfare are bad" section here. Well worth a read."

    I've been following whyimconservative and that's how I ended up here. I saw your comment about gun control and liked what you had to say, so I followed the link here. You're a good read as well.

  4. Thanks Stanley. I just have to remember to post more often! You might like the law dog files (a Texas cop's blog) that often has some really funny stuff on it.