Tuesday, July 19, 2011

2nd Day of VBS

and we have a bit more than 33 kids that we had yesterday. I got the 4 and 5 year olds today. The primary class (8,9 year olds) girls only had one, so she took the 6 and 7 year olds in her class.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow's class, as it involves some random food, a blender, and someone drinking said blended food. Foxtail girl drank blended chopped beef sandwich, baked beans, and a soda at church camp this year.

The story is of the young man who said "give me my inheritance now", spent it all on wild living, and had to go take care of pigs, live with them, and eat what they did. So.. pigs eat slop.. so the teenager that volunteered we talked into doing this, said as long as it had Dr Pepper in it, he'd do it. Woohoo! The other lady doing the class with me is bringing her blender tomorrow. I think this will be a lesson the kids will remember.

I'm kind of bummed about VBS, as the time allotted for the lesson, and learning the verse for the day, is NOT long enough. I'd re-work the time schedule to allot 45 minutes to 1 hour for classtime.

What is the purpose of VBS? (vacation bible school). To teach kids about Jesus and God, and get kids saved. THAT should be our primary focus. I've taught VBS on the navajo reservation, where all we had was a packet of visuals (4 cards per lesson), and the teachers book. Nothing else. Guess what, lots of kids came forward. Adults included. The purpose was not glorified babysitting, or giving them fun stuff to do (although they did a craft, and mostly the kids I had (6 and younger) had coloring sheets. We didn't have decorations, etc, no prizes each night (for learning a verse that no one had time to teach, but each kid got a prize anyway); they received a gift (a stuffed animal one year) on the last day of VBS. And we gave away lots of Bibles. THAT is the purpose of VBS. The games, snacks, crafts are nice, but that is not the focus nor the purpose of it. I have a feeling I'm gonna piss some people off by bringing this up to the preacher this week. I guess I can't please everyone, and today is not your day :P hehe.

I got a new bumper sticker for my car - "criminals prefer unarmed victims". Going to see about getting my concealed license.

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