Friday, August 13, 2010

No toy for you!

Watching Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano, and he mentioned this lovely little bit out of the land of granola - California. Why is it the land of granola? Because it's populated with fruits, nuts, and flakes. That fine, upstanding Center for the Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) has announced it will sue McDonald's, unless it stops putting kiddy swag in its little cardboard boxes. Why does the kid want to go to McDonald's? To get the loot! When that Beanie Baby thingw as going big, and McD's had the tiny bears, my girls wanted to go all the time to see what animal they could get this time (they didn't end up finishing their chicken nuggets & fries anyway), they were there for the goodies. And this was even from Chicken Nugget Child, who ate chicken nuggets no matter what restaurant we went out to. Now to top those kooks (whose interest are they serving?) - the Kommiefornians are out to take away the fries and put in fruits & vegetables.

Yep, those people who are banning the sale of pets, sodas, and bottled water - are now after the beloved fries of McD's.

"In San Francisco, newly proposed legislation would ban toys from most kids meals sold at McDonald's, Burger King and other chains unless the meals meet more stringent calorie and sodium limits. The legislation also would require fruit or veggies in each meal."

Santa Clara, south of SF, has already enacted this, but the San Francisco ban would hit hundreds of restaurants.

Yep, reduce the small amount of fries, and instead put in fruit, veggies, or a salad. Boy howdy, 6 year olds REALLY get excited over the prospect of a salad! Heh. One commenter here said that "putting veggies in a Happy Meal wont make the kid eat it any more than when I put it on their plates". How true. Gee. Imagine.. letting the parent make the decision, instead of those busybodies at CSPI. Some of their antics can be seen at More can be read at Michael Fumento's excellent site, just put the name of the meddles into the search. This is a site I found 2 days ago, have been reading past articles since then. Great reading. THEN my husband tells me "oh, you found Fumento's site" WHY doesn't he tell me about good websites to read? He then tells me he's been reading that site for years! Blah! Husbands!

Another good site I found while on my websurfing around different topics typed into google search bar, is HOLY COW how did I miss this site all this time - tons of good reading - so brew a pot of coffee, sit down, and prepare to open lots of rabbit trails in a new tab. I found out that tabs just kind of slide off the edge of the screen on my netbook - I had 20 open this morning at 4 am, while surfing about.

On the lighter, sarcastic, snarky side, someone asked me what was Ahmadinejad's first name...couldn't remember, so I asked google little window up there that is so helpful for finding stuff.. (its Mahmoud), but I found "this site - The People's Cube, with this section "Letters to Ahmadinejad"...

This really got me:

If you really want peace, you must write letters to world leaders - because how would they
otherwise know what's going on in the world?

WWII could surely be avoided if enough people were to sit down and write "Dear Adolf," pouring
their hearts into it. The takeover in Tibet might never have happened if more people would write "Dear Mao!" on their stationeries. Afghanistan might be at peace if in 1979 more people of good will had sent letters to Moscow addressed to "Dear Leonid!"

In today's world, public diplomacy dictates that all of us sit down and write "Dear Mahmoud!"

Now.. does this sound familiar from the "Can't we all get along" crowd? Hah! the letters start off with a letter from him to Bush (the original), and go onto ones to Mahmoud from people such as Kim Jong Il; Howard Dean; Kofi Annan; Lagos, Nigeria; Morpheus (of the Matrix), etc. The comments following the letters are pretty darn good too. Dear Mahmoud is the section.

Here is an article from the American Spectator on America's Ruling Class.

Enjoy the reading, and the giggles at People's Cube.


  1. Diane:
    ROFL...thanks for the funnies!

    Have a great weekend.

  2. Ya know, all those CSPI people look as if they could use a good triple cheeseburger from Wendy's. Large order of fries with that. And don't forget a chocolate Frosty for dessert.