Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fox Business Block

It comes on Fox news channel (360 directTV) at 9 am (CST) on Saturday morning. My husband bemoans the fact that it *used* to be all about business, but no longer - its political, with a bit of business thrown in as a bone at the end of each half-hour show. Me? I love the change! I'm hooked on watching this now - no longer sleep till late on Saturday mornings - I'm up to watch the shows. I think they replay Sunday night? Forbes on Fox, Cashin In, Cavuto, and Bulls & Bears. Half-hour shows, really informative.

Today is the rally "Restoring Honor", the one Glenn Beck is having on the Mall - where MLK stood & gave his "I have a dream" speech. Sharpton says that GB is 'hijacking the civil rights movement'. How? Honor is what MLK was after. Al Sharpton is running a counter-rally, and they will march to the Mall. I wonder WHAT is going to happen there.. being the left is sooo peaceful, and kind, and *never* runs amok.

On another note, as I have my oatmeal cooking on the stove - if you like oatmeal, this stuff will rock your boat, McCann's Steel Cut Oatmeal.

GAH.. I find out more news on these 4 half-hour shows than a full day of watching the regular news - SC is paying for gov't workers to have lapband or gastric bypass - now people are pushing for the government to pay for ALL bypass and gastric operations to cut health-care costs. More of the gimme-gimme-gimme mentality.

Makes me want to puke.


  1. Diane:
    I Watched the whole 3 hours (plus) on C-SPAN and then online...didn't see ONE single thing WRONG with Beck's fact, there was nothing but GREAT things spoken by everyone.

    Couldn't exactly say the same w/ the Sharpton march/rally/counter, anti-hijackling dream gig...(also on C-SPAN.

    There were more than a few swipes at Beck's rally, and that pissed me off to no end.

    Dr. King HAD a dream, and if anyone reads HIS speech, and studioes the teachings OF this man, it was NEVER something "for blacks only" was for ALL men and women and children...
    Equality through UNITY.

    Beck got it right.
    Sharpton got it wrong.

    Simple as that.

    I lived through that era in time (civil rights) and I know what took place.

    But hey, that's just *my* opinion.

    I could be wrong, but I don't think so.,

    Have a great Sunday!

  2. Great Post! I really like your blog!!

    Common Cents

    ps... have the video on CC...