Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Home again, home again, jiggety jig

Heh. Well I had a great time Saturday night, got to meet spouses of a few people I had gone to school with. Here are my thoughts while sitting at the airport Monday afternoon:

Well, I'm up at the Minneapolis airport, and so far, no Sumdood. However, they consider a netbook a 'laptop' up in this airport, unlike Houston Hobby - they have NO signs saying take them out etc, unlike Houston Hobby also. Plus my backpack was overstuffed with books, papers, powercords, and so they had to go through it by hand. AND swiped my netbook with a little bomb wetnap and put it under some dumb scanner. WHY don't they profile at airports, I have NO idea, except it's politically correct to not do so, and you get smacked with charges of 'racism' even tho the morons doing the crap come from different countries. And they're not extremely white people with no tan. I think the only one paler than myself is my oldest daughter, and my youngest daughter, one tans, but doesn't go out in the sun, the other starts burning in 20 minutes like me. I'm one of the few that can slather on SPF 50 and still get a sunburn at 5 pm.

Saturday night's get-together at the country club was interesting. I couldn't locate it - I only knew of 2 golf courses in the area, and one was Lakeview where a friend and I used to go gather golf balls and sell them back to the club, and the other is a dinky place, with no 19th hole, where I used to go sledding down the big hills during the winter. Finally found it, after circling around in a large square and going past places several times. Finally found it, and had a great time that evening, seeing one lady I had not seen since HS - she didn't graduate with us (moved away) but came, and I'm glad she did.

You know, it seems like people are alot nicer now than we all used to be in high school. Some people you only knew by name and face, and they would not have deigned to talk to you in HS, and now, everything's leveled out. It's also strange to me, living in the same general area you grew up in. I left MN in 1980, and only moved back for a couple of months in 81, then left again.

It's also neat to see what people are doing now, how they've turned out from school. It was neat to see the people I had gone to school with from 1st grade on also. I was really suprised when one of the guys recognized me (Friday night), as I don't think I look like I did back then at all. Quite a few are living all over MN, from the southern end to way up north. One of the guys that graduated with me, Aaron, is an Elvis impersonator. Here is his Myspace page, with some videos on it. He also has a UFO show on blogtalk radio, found here. He's also an illustrator of children's books. How neat is that! A couple of the guys are PE instructors, coaches, etc. Really cool. One is a lawyer living up in Dallas. He's changed so much, as we all have. He's still recognizable as him, I think I mostly remember him from grade school, and he wasin German with me. Sat out on the patio and had fun talking with friends, found out from one, that in the class after lunch, I used to tap him on the shoulder, say "hide me, I'm gonna sleep' and crash out in Mr. King's class. Hmm.. no wonder I got a D in that class! And it is a subject that I am interested now- Russian history, go figure. Drove someone to his house, because his ride wasn't picking him up, and he had a few too many. Made sure he got in his door, and went back to the hotel and watched TV for an hour. I've been staying up late since I got up here, and waking up around 5. Looking forward to getting home, and relaxing. I have 2:40 before my flight, so I guess I will kick around the airport for a while here.

Well I'm back sitting at home in my comfy chair, and finally got a good nights sleep. I'm in the process of uploading photos to Flickr right now on the laptop, and then will have photos later tomorrow.


  1. Diane:
    Sounds like you had a blast and a half!

    Glad you made it back home safely.
    (and I will have to check those pictures out)

    Just try not to spontaneously combust, as Ghostrider says...LOL

    Stay cool.