Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sex offenders

They're in the news, and Houston has a story on our local sex offenders (all 47 of them) in the city limits. Evidently there are no restrictions on where they can live, so one could be living right next to a school, daycare, whatever. Someone that had been molested when she was 11, her mother ran into the guy at the local HEB (grocery store). Lovely. But I guess in a small town, eventually you are going to run into the people that you have come across before. I guess with such a small town, eventually you are going to see someone you don't want to ever lay eyes on. The sex offender in the article lives 1/10th of a mile away from the Girl Scout house. The guy had nothing to say to the Houston newsguy about why he lived there.

The mayor, in all his brilliance, says "Podunk does not have any ordinances pertaining to sexual offenders living within the city limits, nor do we have ordinances regarding murder, theft and other heinous crimes. The laws of the State of Texas encompass all of these offenses."

He wouldn't even go on camera with the newsguy from Houston. I didn't realize it was up to each little town to make its own law regarding sexual offenders living near where kids are.

It's up to each person to check for their neighborhood where the sex offenders are, and that's accomplished easily enough, at the Texas State Registry, where you can find all the perverts anyone could wish for.

You can search by city, zip code, name, address, etc.


  1. That is always a good Idea to see who is living around the corner from you. No where is safe anymore. There are also websites that will tell you about the people who have been convicted of felonies also. You maybe surprised on who your neighbors are......

  2. Really I didn't know about the sites for felonies. I knew about the sex offender website.. there is one living on the next FM right by us, and there is some guy that drives around the area with a big wooden sign on his truck that says the FBI framed him.