Monday, January 4, 2010


Yesterday, after church, we went to the theater in another town (being the local theater's projectors shake), plus their concession stand is closed down by the health department. Got a medium popcorn, medium diet coke no ice, and I was originally planning on taking a nap during the movie. I ended up liking it. The CGI was pretty doggone good. I had read several reviews of it that said it was a liberal-themed movie, so I wasn't sure how strong that message was.. I just ignored that and enjoyed the film. Then today, I read a review from Big Hollywood, another conservative's POV about it - a filmmaker's critique of it HERE, and this review is the best one I've seen.

Speaking of evilness, this Obama government has no shame - the mortgage bailout, 27 billion so far, has saved about 31,000 houses from going belly up on their mortgage. That's around 870,000$ per house. When does government do something better than private business? Look at UPS and Fedex vs the USPS. They make profits, the USPS is in the red all the time, and has never broke even.

Look at Medicare. When it was brought forward, they figured it would cost 500 million a few years down the road. HAH! Each minute, it rises. At this time it's $74,107,117,000,000.00 roughly. and jumping up each second. What freakin idiot thought this would work? And that's just Medicare, not to mention Social Security, or the Prescription Drug liability. Liability per citizen for unfunded stuff - $346,365.00. Assets per citizen - $256,679. That's including newborn babies too. No one wants to cut their own stuff.. yet that's what it is going to take. Roll back, roll back, roll back.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac got big bailouts this past Christmas eve. They have to borrow more taxpayer money to pay the dividends on the stocks owned by the government to the taxpayers. Is this a stupid loop or what?

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  1. Diane:
    Ever get the feeling that America is like the TITANIC...and the government is some huge, honkin' ICEBERG...and that we have a date with destiny?
    Just hope this time, we have plenty of LIFEBOATS...we're gonna NEED 'em!

    Or, we could simply "change course" a bit...and avoid the whole darn thing.

    Im really liking that latter option...!

    Good post!