Thursday, December 17, 2009

Here and there

As fond as I am of credit cards, I am not fond of this rate - 79.9%, which is charged by First Premier Bank for their Visa card. I don't know of ANYONE with a brain that would get a credit card with that sort of interest rate. It says it's sent as an offer to those with a low credit score, has a maximum of $300. I'd say only an idiot and a fool would get that credit card.

While I'm thinking about idiots and fools, reminds me of a video I saw earlier this evening of Lord Monckton talking to a Danish woman up in Copenhagen. If there ever was a fool, HERE is one. All 10 minutes something of it. She doesn't let the facts confuse her at all.

While I was reading blogs, I came across The Cat in the Hat Goes to the White House, quite a charming tale of the Cat and Thing 1 and Thing 2. Some good snark there.

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  1. Diane:
    I'm sorry but even IF my credit rating was LOW (which is far from, thank you very much), I would NEVER, EVER get a card with SUCH an atrocious rate...that's highway robbery!!!

    Idiots and fools...indeed!

    And Lord Monckton has got it GOING ON!
    This man KNOWS stuff...lotsa stuff...and it's all TRUE.
    Gotta check out that blog...
    Have a great weekend