Monday, December 14, 2009

Dec 14,2009

why such a title? because its' a bunch of things.. here ya go..

A couple of things I was made aware of today – an article from Fusion magazine – about the environmentalists, and their shoddy record. I remember while I was growing up, the big scare was “the coming Ice Age” complete with capital letters in order to scare the heck out of us. Then suddenly, it was completely silent during the 80s, until global warming came upon us. Can’t they make up their minds? The earth goes through natural cooling and warming cycles, and it appears we are shifting into a cooling cycle, as the past 10 years have had a gradual decrease in temperatures. Of course, let’s not let facts stand in the way of mass hysteria. I somewhat remember my mother complaining about the lack of good stuff to get rid of mosquitoes, (the state bird of Minnesota), only to find out years later that malaria was almost conquered, but with the bans on DDT, it resurged and today over a million die yearly from malaria. Now that mosquitoes are carrying other diseases, it would be a good thing for us to re-look at DDT and bring it back. I’m seriously considering subscribing to Fusion, either that or Wall Street Journal. I’m finding that I like WSJ more and more.. apart from all those pages of stock figures. Their opinion pages and articles are more relevant than most of the so-called “news” organizations.

And yet we still listen to the loose wing-nuts of the left , with their dire predictions. CNN, MSNBC, et al are not reporting much on, if at all, of the emails that have come to light in climate-gate. Making up data and throwing away original data because it didn’t support the pre-determined conclusion… lovely stuff. Why am I not surprised? The people on the left seem to have no morals or anything that stops them from lying, cheating, etc.

On another note, federal workers are going gangbusters. The average federal worker makes MORE than a private industry employee, at $71,206 per year, with private industry at about $40,331, plus it’s about impossible to fire a federal worker. I remember when I was in the Navy, and we had a secretary in Supply. She slogged off the job quite a bit, took extra-long lunches, and generally did a shoddy job. You can’t fire them, without reams of documentation. They finally shoved her off onto another division, and we got on with our work. Federal workers were a laughingstock when I was in, as most of them were slugs and just plain lazy. Freshman Congressman Jason Chaffetz is calling for investigation into the paying of federal employees. I was reading yesterday how Dept. of Transportation has quite a few making over $170,000 a year. WHAT?

Federal pay is increasing, while private sector pay is decreasing. The two sectors of growth in industry is health care *duh* and GOVERNMENT. Do we really need all that government?

Today I was watching television, and a reporter asked Nancy Pelosi about the Constitution and the requirement that is in a bill to buy health insurance. She stammered “what? What?” and never answered the question. The political whore of a Republican that is in Louisiana, Mary Landreiu (sp?) , paid off by $100 million for her state, said that she would leave it up to the constitutional lawyers as to where in the Constitution it is found that the government can FORCE you to buy something.

I read a couple of blog posts that I found very interesting today, about 2nd Amendment issues. New Jovian Thunderbolt has some information on pending laws that are affecting your dealings with others, and Lawdog has a link to a blog that examines court cases.

In Palestine, the idiots populace marched in green for Hamas, and the end of Israel. Since the inception of Israel, the Arabs have turned down every peace talk that is put towards them, their only wish is the destruction of Israel and the Jews.

On a good note, the youngest had her Christmas Concert at the local HS, they had from elementary school on up to the high school bands play. She is in the percussion section, and seems to land behind the tubas each year, so no good pictures can be taken of her! Also bought some tasty peanut brittle from the little table they had set up as a fundraiser for Band Boosters. I forgot peanut brittle was so chewy once you started eating it. Well the internet is not cooperating, so you get more of my thoughts.

Christmas seemed to come upon us really quickly from last year. This past year I spent some time away from home to help my mother-in-law, I guess that made it go quicker. Also seems like when you get older, the time goes quicker. Each day does not go by so quickly, but next thing you know, another day is gone, and what have you done? I guess being a stay-at-home wife does something to you, makes you look at things in a different perspective. Housecleaning is not all its cracked up to be. It’s boring and dull. When I was a kid, I’d trade my household chores with my little sister, so I could be outside and *do* something, even if it was just mowing the lawn. Now it’s come to the internet, where this is my little outlook on the world, and it’s expanded from just the family, to political turmoil in Iran, and what else is going on in the world. Funny how the internet has changed the the views and outlooks of a s. Texas housewife. Years ago, I was not in any way political. I voted for Mondale against Reagan only because he was from Minnesota, I didn’t know anything about their platforms, or their background or anything. Today I write emails to congress, representatives, and follow on Twitter all the Texas politicians that are on that service, including quite a few Washington politicos.

Ron Paul has finally gotten an amendment into a bill, that will audit the Federal Reserve Bank. It’s about time. He’s been on this since the 80s, to get inside this private company that has the printing capability of our country, and this administration’s wonks have had it on fire, printing up more and more money. I’m noticing grocery prices are going up, and I’m afraid it will only get much worse than it already is. At least rice and beans are still cheap, although the price of specialty beans has risen. Pintos are still cheap.

I guess I’ll re-read Glenn Beck’s Common Sense – which I highly recommend to everyone – right, left, in between, undecided. It also contains Thomas Paine’s Common Sense.


  1. rice and beans and beans and for debt free............

  2. DIane:
    I am so with you about everything in this post, it's not even funny!
    I also, was never really into politics...until the last few years.

    And yes, time DOES go by faster...can't explain it, but I'd bet that Stephen Hawking could figure it out...LOL.

    I used to view the Internet as an encyclopedia...fewer pages to turn and all the information of the world at your fingertips.
    Now it's become the "societal bastard of the technocrats".
    (you may quote me)

    And all those "new" 1600+ federal jobs that make OVER $170,000 a year?
    It ain't the GS4 that walks in the door at the bottom of the government ladder...

    Base pay is barely above minimum wage, that's why many left for the private sector.
    The REAL federal pay goes to "the suits"...mid and upper management (and all those politicians)...THAT'S where the disconnect lies.

    This was a very good post...took 'ya long enough, too...LOL.

    Thanks for the "rant"...loved it!