Sunday, December 20, 2009

Get out of our House!

While watching the news this morning, the spokesman for this group was on:

Get out of our House - about replacing the whole House of Representatives. Its been around since 2007 he said - so it predated the tea parties.

I'd just as soon KEEP Ron Paul.


  1. Diane:
    There are a few I'd honestly WANT to keep in Congress, but as long as the MAJORITY of them are busy serving everything ELSE but their constituencies (we, the people), I'm for cleaning "house"...and ASAP!

    THEN, we can get to work on the SENATE.

    And never rule out the possibility of a military takeover of the government should they get really out of hand (you mean they're not there already?)

    What we see and hear TODAY in CONGRESS and the SENATE would have been considered TREASONOUS BEHAVIOR in another century...

    And we all know how THAT was dealt with, don't we?
    I just miss the days when congressmen battled each other on the floor with fists and canes...and THEN got around to talking issues.

    But, it could always be worse...just not by much.

    Good post. and link.

  2. They sure don't talk much nowadays, pushing that health care bill, voting to end discussion on it early and they have not even read the bill, its ridiculous. Ron Paul's son Rand Paul is running in KY. He's on Facebook too by the way if you do that.