Thursday, August 13, 2009

Greenhouses, and what is in them

Don't get me wrong - I would love to have a nice greenhouse (apart from this darn mold that likes to cover everthing down here in S. Texas!) where I could grow plants that dont do so well in the sun - so they're not exposed to the heat and light of the sun - THE BURNING, BRIGHT LIGHT - ! of discovery! that is going on in the greenhouses of the townhalls being held by Obummer and his komrades. I'm reading about Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Houston)'s Townhall, with a few plants, and Obama's past Tuesday townhall meeting with more plants. I'm over at Lone Star Times, reading about townhalls, and Lo and belhold! there is a physician (who lies - she really isn't - she's an Obama campaign volunteer. Sitting with her, is the moonbat who ran the Barak Obama election office, the one with the Che Guevara flag. See it HERE.

An interesting comment left there, further down, is that someone who went to Obummer's Town Hall meeting and said she couldn't get health care for her Hep-C. The tv watcher's wife, is a nurse practitioner, and is her PA!

And the Bozeman one in Montana I'm sure is not going to be full of ranchers and their wives.. it's going to be full of plants, maybe a few ranchers. He lies all the time. Just heard again on the radio "militia membership MAY be going up" while they have PROOF POSITIVE in a case where voter intimidation was going on and VIDEOTAPED EVIDENCE is available, BUT 'we're not going to prosecute them"... even though the new black panthers never showed up to their court date, and the government won by default. What? they won and they're going to do NOTHING? This speaks volumes.

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