Saturday, August 15, 2009

Another "routine" townhall

They say they're not staged, but funny how people who all work for him ask the questions, and show up there. I was just reminded of this as I was going through a bag of old photos I am fixing to put in assorted scrapbooks (just taking up *yet another!* hobby, when I came across the photos from our honeymoon up in San Francisco. Some pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge, taken while traveling on it, looking upwards, and the day we were *supposed* to go take a tour of Alcatraz (we already had bought our tickets, our trip was scheduled to be in 4 hours), so we went to get something to eat in Chinatown. I picked the wine that day by the look of the label (yet another good pick by that method :P), and after looking through shops we were just wandering around there, and someone came up to hubby, and handed him 2 tickets and said there was going to be George Bush here in 2 hours, we could go see him. Big Deal! I thought, as it was going to be 2 hours, and I wanted to see Alcatraz. Little did I know at that time my husband was some kind of weird political junkie (or so to me he seemed at that time), so off we went to that political thing, amid much griping about not going to see Alcatraz, it was MY honeymoon, not Bush's etc. I'm going to get the pictures on CD at Walmart this weekend, so you can see where we were put - up in front of the media. This was the only part I liked. I turned around and took a picture of them taking pictures of Bush, and then I turned around and took pictures of Bush opening a giant fortune cookie from some bigwigs in SF Chinatown, saying "November Brings Good Luck".

I was reminded of this, compared to how Obama is filling his town halls. I bet he's not having some random-picked people at the grocery store or post office or dentist office or just walking their dog being handed a ticket or a pair of tickets to go to the town hall.

Not that I am the suspicious type :P but when he's been proven over and over to stack his deck, I'm not one to lay down a wooden nickel on a bad bet.


  1. Just think of his crowd as human teleprompters.............

  2. TXG:
    Never thought of it THAT way before...makes good sense, though.

    And Obama doesn't just "stack the decK", he's also been dealing from the!

    (It's the CHICAGO WAY)