Thursday, February 19, 2009

More victims!

or plants, as I call them. I got a pink hibiscus (large), a yellow cestrum, a delphinium bellacosum, a large pot of pink phlox, and planted the orange tree today (finally) that I had bought last year. Although, I found out the orange tree requires a pollenator, so I will have to purchase another one this year, and plant that one fairly close to it. And trim back the trees on my side of the fence that are the neighbors. My asparagus is not growing up this spring (yet), but the spring flowers that grow in the median on the way into town are starting to bloom. Which means spring is definately on its way and we will not get any more frosts. We may get a night or two that is still chilly, but the summer is on its way here to south Texas. What I'd like to do this spring, is dig up the grass in a shady patch under the oak tree (its DYING anyway!) and plant a shade garden - I have two types of fern, some bleeding hearts, and some lily of the valley, put those in there, with some rock, build it up and make it look nice. Plus if I build it up and put rock around it, the husband can't mow it down. That is a major problem! My mother in law has a gorgeous garden area around her whole house, and I would like to eventually have something like her yard, but that will take much work, and time, and lots of back-breaking work to get it to that point. Plus we have this horrid grass that sends out runners that you can't do a darn thing with, but keep tearing it up and back to where it should be. Oh yes, I did buy some purple fountain grass today, going to figure out where to put it - and try to keep the husband from mowing it down! thats going to be interesting. Potted plants all over the yard! *grin*

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