Friday, March 15, 2013

What a deal!

I just got in the mail a postcard with some specials from New York Style Deli,  a purveyor of the BEST hot dogs ever!

What, you say, are the best hot dogs? They are Zweigle's White Hots! (at least in my opinion).  They are having their annual March Madness sale -

5 packages of Zweigles dogs, your choice, and you get 2 packages free, delivered for only $64.90.  Or you can up to the 12 package deal where you get more free.  My daughter likes the cooler they use, as it looks like a large Lego block. Last cooler, she asked me to buy spray paint for her (she's not 21 yet), so I got some red, and we had a large red Lego.  Unfortunately she sprayed it on the lawn, so we had a red spot on our front lawn too for a while, until the grass grew out.

White hots are from Rochester, NY, and started back years ago, and are sold at the minor league stadium in Rochester.  I grew up with these things - Grandma would come for a visit with 3 suitcases. One of clothes, one full of red hots, the other full of white hots.  We sure looked forward to her visits.

A white hot, according to the Zweigle's website, is:

One of 'America’s 8 Best Boardwalk Foods' is a combination of pork, beef and veal and our famous old world recipe, stuffed in a natural pork casing for a product that is bursting with flavor.

Its's mild, and you cook it till it pops open, and is blackened on the outside, as shown below:

On another note, McCain and Graham make me SOOOO mad, I would gladly bring tar and feathers up to DC to give them a good coating of both, and then help ride them out on a rail!


  1. Diane:
    How come every time I drop by HERE...I go away HREALLY UNGRY???
    Damn, those dogs look GOOD!!!
    (here I was sold on NATHAN'S on Coney Island for like...EVER!)
    And NYC always had some great "foot-longs", too.

    Now, we gotta get you acquainted with some good old-fashioned PHILLY CHEESESTEAKS!

    MY appetite thanks you.

    Have a great weekend, a happy St. Patty's Day and do stay safe down there.

  2. Those dogs are the BEST I've ever had. And that reminded me that I still have a pack in the freezer - gonna pick up some buns tonight at the store, and take them out, and it's tomorrow night's dinner. The only thing nasty about the cheesesteaks is - GREEN PEPPERS. I cannot stand them. I guess I could use poblanos instead, I like those peppers. It's spring here, the wildflowers are already out and about.

    We're going out to eat for dinner tonight (date night) so no corned beef & cabbage for me :)