Wednesday, January 16, 2013

This is ridiculous

I saw this the other week, and just now getting around to talking about it - the "poor" in America, with what they get in monetary and non-monetary help, make as much as someone earning a 60,000$ income in the US.  Now is that "poor"? Far from it, a 60,000$ salary in the US is upper middle class!  So much for "the poor" in the US. I'd say the only truly poor are those out on the streets, who mostly are insane and need to be in an institution, but aren't (thanks to good ole liberalism). Wyatt Emerich, from MS, documented these figures:

Now if you're not going "this is ridiculous" also, you have a problem with reality.

It appears that his figures are flying all over the internet, and the original paper's site is down - but I found a PDF of the article: so you can go read all his conclusions for yourself.  The New Republic (quite the lefty paper) of course disputes all these figures (gee, who'da thunk it?), but...

After being in line at the grocery store quite often behind people using their Lone Star Card (Texas' version of the Food Stamps), I agree with this chart.  I'm behind people spending 2 or 3 hundred, on CRAP food.  When I'm talking CRAP, I mean stuff that I won't buy because 1. it's a nutritional waste or 2. It's too darn expensive!

One example of "its too darn expensive" was a woman buying tuna fish for her child's lunches.  Was she purchasing cans of tuna fish? No, small packets (that contain less, and cost almost a dollar more than a can) of tuna fish.  Was it store brand? No, it was Starkist.  A can of Starkist tuna at our grocery store is 74c.  A packet of Starkist tuna in a little foil packet is $1.57.  The can contains more tuna, almost twice as much, and is way cheaper.  Now, which one would you choose, if you had any comnmon sense at all? Just sayin!

Another example of CRAP food are the extremely sweet cereals that are basically desserts with some vitamins thrown in for good measure, and Pop-Tarts. I was behind a woman who spent roughly $365 and some change on her grocery bill, she had 4 boxes of Eggo cereal, and 5 large boxes of Pop-Tarts. Breakfast for your kids? Whatever happened to cereal that might be good for them, eggs, toast, fruit, etc?  Am I THAT crazy that I fed my kids actual food, instead of sugar?

I guess I am.. because if they said they wanted some candy, I'd give them fruit instead.  Our oldest got "candy" - Gramma gave her chopped dates as "candy" if she wanted some.  And when we went to the all-you-can eat buffet at Ryan's, the kids would eat, and then before they were allowed to go eat dessert, they had to go fill up a plate with fruit and eat that.  To this day, they still get a plate of fruit before going to the dessert bar, and they are in their early 20's.

I'm also for urine tests if you get money from the government. ALL money, including Social Security.  Why? Because the wild & free generation of flower children are now retiring, and I'm guessing more than a couple never gave up the habit of drug use.  "But you're meaaaaaaaaaannnnnnn".  Why, yes I am! Thank you very much! hah!

Enjoy your day, it's in the 30s down here in s. Texas.


  1. Diane:
    THIS is the type of thing that the "lame-stream media" will NEVER let you in on...becasuse it's THE TRUTH!
    They don't want you to "find them out" there...and expose them (God forbid).

    And this is a case where the "Internet grapevine" works...and damn well.

    This gov't WANTS you to become their slave...and they game the system so that it DOES make "sense" to NOT work, because you're getting MORE than if you DID bust yer butt for 40+ hrs a week.
    That's NOT what this nation was either founded upon...or built UP upon.

    And all us REAL Americans know better, rh?

    Excellent post and link.

    Stay safe (and welfare-free) down there.

  2. Oh yeah. It's silly people saying they have no way to 'save money' all it does is take a bit of self-denial on things.. like .. oh say, no cell phone, no cable with HBO, etc. Funny what people are calling "necessities" nowadays.