Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A short game for you!

Is it prison food...or school food? I'll admit, when I went to high school, we found out the meatballs BOUNCED quite well - not as great as a superball, but pretty good for being mystery meat.  There doesn't seem to be much of a difference http://cityrag.com/2012/05/prison-food-or-school-food/">HERE where you can click photos and find out if you had guessed correctly.

Our grocery store here in TX, HEB, sells "value beef".  Its the same quality that prisons and schools get sold, and its tough as heck.  But the value beef loin tail is great for making fajitas, especially when regular loin tail is around $5 a lb, you can get value beef for 2.99 a lb.

Speaking of school lunches, the Fed has changed (yet again) their plan for kids eating lunch at school.  My take on this? Send your kids a lunch with them for the day.  You'll stand a better chance of it NOT ending up in the trash can!  The Feds now have a mandatory (for all schools) for their bought-at-school lunch.

They will be forced to buy at least one fruit or vegetable, even if it gets tossed.  Must buy either non-fat chocolate milk or 1% milk.   If the student doesn't want a fruit or a vegetable, they're charged a la carte, which means it costs more - and those free/reduced school lunches? forced to take a fruit/veg.

They're figuring a 30% increase in school lunch costs.

http://www.nhregister.com/articles/2012/04/01/news/doc4f77cf1c4b99e507580020.txt?viewmode=fullstory">HERE is the full story.

I'm thinking a sack lunch will be the preferred route for many parents, especially if the lunch prices rise. As for "childhood hunger".. I'm wondering why we have 'hunger' and "obesity" sitting right next to each other?

Reminds me of someone who said she HAD to have a double quarterpounder with cheese, because "she's a big girl".  I was like "yeah, and you're gonna get BIGGER" you don't need that. a single one will do!


  1. Diane:
    ROFLMAO...I have GOT to check that site out.
    SOunds like fun (and my high school lunchroom).

    Growing up, we usually couldn't afford the BEST cuts of meat, so Mom (being the upstate PA farm girl she was) took to BEATING on the damn thing to tenderize it...

    She'd up and wail the snot out of it...with some hammer that had a spikey end (Like some nazi implement from Mengele's closet)...and THEN she sprinkled Adolph's (coinicidence?) Meat Tenderizer on it before cooking.

    Never turned out like the soles of our shoes or my tricycle tires (kids taste everything when they're young)...LOL.

    That's the thing with school-provided lunches THESE days...THEY choose FOR YOU (and your kids).
    I say BROWN BAG it, too.

    Wonder if the gov't KNOWS how many CALORIES that RATIONS or MREs have in them?
    (answer - a LOT!!!)

    Guess combat DOES makes you hungrier than MATH class. It's also LOUDER.

    Yeah, the "po folks" I see around us on the government dole are ALL overweight (bedonkey-donk butts by the dozen), so something is definitely WRONG here...compared to those "hungry" in OTHER nations with their RIBS showing...right?
    People have GOT to know their boundaries...and portion accordingly.

    Excellent post.

    (stay safe (and PB&J-lunched) down there

  2. I guessed mostly wrong on the prison food vs. the school food. And I have one of those meat tenderizers - works great for flattening chicken breasts!

    If they're so poor, why are they fat?

    And schools are often peanut-butter free zones.. due to the occasional kid having allergies.