Monday, May 28, 2012

Bad mom!

We went to Pinchers this past Friday night, to celebrate the youngest's first year of college being over, and then went to go see Men In Black 3.

Pinchers is basically a cajun restaurant - crawfish, fried alligator, shrimp, etc.  We sat out on the patio by the duck pond, and there was Zydeco music being played over a speaker, complete with guy playing spoons on a washboard.  A little kid got a washboard & was playing, and that was cute.  However, one family came & sat at one of the tables outdoors, and requested some song.. that had the lyrics "show your chest.. wiggle wiggle wiggle".. and her little kids, about 9 and under, are up doing basically dirty dancing.  you know, shove your butt out and wiggle it, etc.   I was like what kind of mom lets her kids dance like that? the mom was videoing on her iphone the dancing.

Later when we got home, hubby was browsing I think Free Republic, and he came across this cartoon:

I was like "this is SO much the mom that was videoing her kids doing this dancing!, I have to blog about it".  I would have done it sooner, but we were busy this weekend.  Unfortunately, this is the type of mom that is all too common these days, and it's a sad commentary on the United States.


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  2. Diane:
    Sounds like you had a great time between the food and the movie...but that bit w/ the dirty-dancing, yeah, not a good thing to be sure.

    Then again, when a society permits such things without restrictions and/or restraints, and we also raise a generation that wouldn't know what is meant by "boundaries" and good taste, this kind of thing will be the result.

    I STILL believe that we, as a nation CAN do better...and we'd ALL better start getting with the progtram, like many of us (present company included) already have.

    Excellent I want me some

    Have a wonderful Memorial Day.

    Stay safe down there.

  3. The movie was pretty darn good - If you've seen the first two, I'd suggest taking the wife out for a movie night to see the 3rd one.

    Usually its quiet at Pinchers when we go there - we go during "senior citizen dinner hour" usually - around 5 pm, instead of the 6:30 that we went this time. I think I prefer dining with the seniors than with the "trendeigh" moms and their offspring.

    Their crawfish is their own - they grow it, and clean it themselves. Local alligator and shrimp also. Their fried pickle chips are the best, as are their onion rings - light and crispy, the batter really sets off the taste of the onion. (now you can want onion rings too)