Tuesday, August 2, 2011

More Government Stupidity

Yes, I know that is like saying the same thing twice - government and stupidity are basically the same thing.

The ruling class, who desires nothing more than to have the 'working class' et al be subservient to the almighty Fed, wants to make tractors, cotton pickers, other farm equipment in the same class as semi tractor-trailers. Yep, a commercial driver's license.

No more of a farmer or rancher having his kids help, if they are too young to have a CDL. Funny, friends of ours, their under 16 year old drove their F250 back and forth to the cotton fields, and was helping with the cotton harvest, the neighbor's kids would drive farm equipment when they were about 12, to help out the family.

Some of the stuff they would have to do:

Detailed logs would need to be kept by all drivers – hours worked, miles traveled, etc.

Vehicles would have to display DOT numbers

Drivers would need to pass a physical as well as a drug test – every two years.

More info found HERE on CDL.

It appears the Fed will not be satisfied until everything is nationalized and under their control.

From what it appears from a DOT's op-ed piece, is somehow because tractors use the roadways at times, it should come under their regulation? HERE is that op-ed.

This is just more big government, just "here to help you"... I think the farmers should give the DOT a collective middle finger, raised high.


  1. Diane:
    This was SO ridiculous, I had to pinch myself to see that I wasn't DREAMING!
    (and it hurt!!!)

    Just a case of ANOTHER "department" this NATION can do WITHOUT...!
    (and save MONEY in the process)

    I'm going to show some things about HUD tomorrow at my blog.
    (another department that needs to go bye-bye)

    Excellent post.

    Stya safe (& cool) down there.

  2. Looking forward to reading your posts on HUD. I still can't believe the R's caved and were spineless jellyfish about this debt deal. Dept. of Energy & Dept. of Education can go also. Also Fed. control of parks - give them back to the states that they are in - AND the BLM - the Fed owns much of the western states.