Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Archie Bunker's not happy with Obama

This came in my email earlier today. Talk about the truth! (as I wait for All in the Family to start on TVLand)

After watching it, I went back to my email inbox, and came across one of the silliest things in a while that I've seen. Did you know ATMs cause unemployment? Seriously!

Think about it - you pull up to an ATM, and use that to make transactions... instead of gainfully employing a teller to do the work. And those eeeeeeeeeeevil vacuum cleaners, they make maids useless!

Check out what pResident Pookie says about ATMs and kiosks!

I wish I had listened to the radio show of his to find out this information of the intelligence that emanates from Pookie's brains...or lack thereof!

I am now 8 days from returning home to Texas. It will be nice to be home.


  1. Diane:
    The Archie Bunker clip is BRILLIANT!
    How's about this for unemploying people?
    Think abiout it...those plants closed for an injection MACHINE plus ALL THAT DAMN TRASH!

    Stay safe up there and we'll see 'ya soon.

    Bobby G.

  2. yep.. disposable bottles make a big amount of trash. I used to run an injection machine up at Lakeside Toys - my machine ran off MONKEYS for 'barrel of monkeys' their hands would often stick. Sucked though, as it was not a 'right-to-work' state, had to join the union, give them MY hard-earned money, and of course, last hired, first laid off :| never mind the fact that my machine turned out more than people with seniority.

    Only 4 more days!

  3. Thank You for posting this

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