Thursday, May 5, 2011


My whole long post, on what is going on! has! disappeared!

Here is the gist of it - ASK questions re: the OBL shenanigan. We're just supposed to take the government's word for it? No corpse, no photos, basically "we said it happened, just believe us, we're the government, we wouldn't lie to you".

On another note... WHO would you like to see waterboarded? I vote for Joy Behar and the rest of the harpies on the View, first. :)


  1. Diane:
    LOVE the "Bill" picture...LOL!

    Trust the gov't?
    Are you sh***ing me?
    They have got to be kidding...

    As for the OBL gig?
    Well, I was born and raised in PA, lived in OH, traveled both in and out of country and now live in Indiana...but in THIS case, I'm FROM MISSOURI...SHOW ME!

    I'd water board all the VIEW hens BUT Elisabeth...she's the only one that makes any sense, adn that';s just from the clips I see on the O'Reilly factor.
    I wouldn't watch the View if you paid me...a lot.

    Have a great weekend.
    Stay safe down there.

  2. I had replied..and it somehow didnt take before. I go with the "show me" . Bill O'Reilly could easily be waterboarded too IMHO.