Saturday, February 19, 2011

Idiocy in Wisconsin

I say, fire their butts. All they are being asked to do is pay more towards their pension (they pay less than half towards pensions than private sector), and for health insurance. Gee... they're being asked to do what everyone else has to do.

Wah, waaah, waaah.

The average teacher compensation in Milwaukee is $105,000. Gee. That's for a 9 month work year. And they're *complaining* about it.

There was a vote last night on an amendment cutting 22 billion. 90 Republicans voted *against* it. Turncoats, is what I call them. Rep. Dan Lungren (CA-R) said that "across-the-board cuts are a lazy member's way to achieve something." What? I guess spending MORE is being responsible? hardly! Here is The Hill's blog on floor action:

Politics and unions. What a way to start a day, makes you want to vomit.


  1. DIane:
    When it all boils down, those teaqchers aren;treally LOSING anything, but as long as the UNIONS paint a different pictuire, and "fire up the rank and file" into some jungle fervor, we're gonna keep seeing this.
    You'd THINK that educators would be a bit, well...EDUCATED.

    You want PENSIONS? HAVE TO PAY INTO THEM...simple.

    SO many other cities are in the same boat (with police & fire personnel, too)...just at another oar.

    Makes me wonder, sometimes.
    (but I'm not tossing my breakfast yet)

    Good post (and link)!

    Stay safe down there.

  2. I know. "It's horribly unfair that I have to save for my own retirement!" blah. Government workers should not be unionized IMHO. It only spends more money that WE have to pay to Washington/individual states to fund their pensions. They say "the state" pays their checks. Seems like they don't realize that the people of the state pay their checks, and are sick of it.